[meteorite-list] won't accept it is not a meteorite

From: Paul Gessler <cetuspa_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 2013 18:28:00 -0800
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Don't you just love those S. Curry type meteorite experts.

Just wanted everyone on the list to know about a certain Australian

Billy Sherman


Let me just say I at first tried to help this individual identify possible
meteorites he was finding
on dry lake beds. After many photos back and forth and many emails the
situation dissolved into
one of Scientific conspiracy and total rejection at the the thought that
what he was finding were not
indeed actual meteorites. His plan (drawn out as long as possible) is to
take your or anybody's money and use it
to buy the land where he is finding these incredible " meteorites" and then
split the profits. This is laughable in and of itself
given the highly restrictive Australian Laws regarding meteorites. Although
it would not apply here because they are not
real meteorites anyway.

Beware he even claims to have found Lunars and Martians one with a CRUCIFIX


He has taken samples to Museums and labs in Australia but they kindly
informed him that they were all terrestrial.
Basically so did I after numerous high res photos back and forth.
It has gotten so (Curry) like and has left such a bad taste in my mouth that
I will no longer help the public at large with the endless "is this a
meteorite" BS
It is an exhausting exercise in futility. I say let people learn the hard
way the way I learned
Find it, research it, take it to a reputable meteoritics lab and keep on
doing this until you finally
have a bonafide classified new find.
There are no short cuts and rejection is inevitable at the beginning LIVE
with it and Learn from it
Do not turn it into a Conspiracy.

Above all do not think you can get away with this Fraudulent behaviour.

To those of you who have fought the good fight and you know who you are I
applaud you.

What you can do is check out his vids and tell him what you all think.
He doesn't seem to want to believe me.

Sorry for the rant I just wanted this to be archived and on every ones Radar

-Paul G
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