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Date: Fri, 30 Nov 2012 12:59:35 -0500
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Hi Friends and Collectors,

I have been doing a lot of wheeling and dealing this past week, in an
attempt to bring in some new material for the holidays. I now have
some nice new specimens that are worth a look. :)

As always, use coupon code "metlist" at checkout for 20% OFF. If the
checkout crashes or gives you any problems, email me and let me know
so I can fix it - curator at galactic-stone.com

I have restocked two witnessed-fall meteorites that were sold out :

Xining (Feb 2012 Chinese witnessed fall) -

Murchison (micromounts available without the riker display) -

Now, for the new goodies :

NWA 6925 (L3.15) - yes, you read that right, an L3.15. That is one of
the rarest types ever classified. In fact, as of right now, it is the
only known meteorite classified as an L3.15 chondrite. What does this
mean? Well, it's not just another redundant subtype with no major
differences between it's petrologic brothers. This one is puzzle. It
has at least two distinctly different lithologies. It has what
appears to be CAI's in the matrix, which would place it in the CV3
family. In fact, visually, this meteorite resembles some of the nicer
NWA CV3 meteorites. Also, this meteorite is quite fresh with very
little internal oxidation and plentiful flecks unoxidized metal.

Lithology #1 is darker in color and contains the most densely-packed
chondrules. It is also metal-poor and does not have as many odd
inclusions as the second lithology.

Lithology #2 is lighter in color, grayish, and contains numerous
oblate and squashed chondrules, some of which are armored in rings of
metal. This lithology has also yielded some CAI-like inclusions, and
inclusions of dark matter. This lithology has much more metal.

These lithologies are present in all specimens, and I windowed these
specimens to show the interior features. I tried to polish some of
these pieces, and the polishing had the opposite of the desired effect
- it muddied and darkened the matrix, making the features harder to
see. So I decided to brush these clean of cutting dust, give them a
good cleaning, and offer them as-is. While there are some unavoidable
sawmarks visible on some specimens, the chondrules and inclusions are
more visible and stand out well.

For those who don't want to buy a larger specimen, I have the usual
small micros available at a budget price. Since I got a
screaming-deal on this meteorite, I can pass along some of the savings
and offer this new L3.15 oddball for a much lower price than one might
expect. When combined with the coupon code discount, it's almost a
steal for such a unique meteorite. Type Collectors - here is a very
difficult type to acquire.

NWA 6925 (L3.15), 7.53g endcut - SOLD.

NWA 6925 (L3.15), 3.56g endcut - SOLD

NWA 6925 (L3.15), 3.33g endcut - RESERVED

NWA 6925 (L3.15), 3.05g endcut -

NWA 6925 (L3.15), 2.83g endcut - SOLD

NWA 6925 (L3.15), 1.89g endcut (dark inclusion) -

NWA 6925 (L3.15), 1.80g endcut - SOLD

NWA 6925 (L3.15), 872mg endcut -

NWA 6925 (L3.15), 566mg endcut - SOLD

NWA 6925 (L3.15), micromounts -

New Martian meteorite find - NWA 6963 Shergottite found in Sept. 2011,
just a couple of months after the Tissint fall. The excitement
surrounding the Tissint fall hogged all of the limelight away from
this new Martian find.

NWA 6963 (Mars Shergottite), micromount (no display) -

NWA 6963 (Mars Shergottite), display with larger micromount (#1) -

NWA 6963 (Mars Shergottite), display with larger micromount (#2) -

Other new specimens :

NWA 3118 CV3 (macro fragments) -

NWA 3118 CV3 (micromounts) -

NWA 3118 CV3 (loose chondrules!) - SOLD.

Vaca Muerta (polished endcuts) -

All new offerings - http://www.galactic-stone.com/products/brand-new?pagesize=12

Auctions closing on eBay in a little over 24 hours -

Best regards and thanks for looking!


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