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I, for one, am grateful that Adam still auctions on ebay. He is a great
ebay seller in all aspects! Selling on eBay is definitely a pain at
times, but the proportion of those sales relative to ones direct from my
site make it necessary. Being able to consistently obtain authentic
material from Adam's Planetary Collection at a reasonable price and then
reselling nice sized fragments in my art displays on eBay for a small
profit on each has helped our family make ends meet each month here in
hard hit Nevada.
So, thank you Adam, the many new "meteorite friends" I have made this
year, and any of you who may have bought from me.

Best regards,


Daniel Noyes
Genuine Moon & Mars Meteorite Rocks
info at moonmarsrocks.com

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I like the auction style format where the buyer determines the market
price is the only reason I have stuck to eBay thus far.? It used to be a
self-supporting hobby that has turned into an expensive one, at least
for me.

All of these new eBay customer service rules have tied me down making
travel nearly impossible.? I wish it was like it was five years ago when
you could sell something on eBay for a fair price, make a reasonable
profit and travel at the same time.

I cannot stand regulations and eBay has too many new rules that only
serve to make a seller work twice as hard.

Take Care,

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