[meteorite-list] NASA SETI Misappropriation of Tax Payer Funds

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Yes, that does not make any sense.
Alan Rubin did the classification, and called it an L6, one of the most
commun types of meteorites.

>From Bob Verish's email:

It is an L6 breccia. W0 S4
olivine Fa 24.1?0.4 (n=21)
Low-Ca pyx Fs20.7?0.5 Wo1.5?0.2 (n=22)
Ca-pyx Fs8.0?0.7 Wo44.7?0.8 (n=5)
The chromite grains are somewhat richer in Al2O3 (6.4 wt.%) and MgO
(3.4 wt.%)
than unshocked OC chromite, but are more characteristic of shocked and
shock-melted chromite grains.
Most of the metallic Fe-Ni is taenite with 77.7?5.0 wt.% Fe, 21.4?5.4
wt.% Ni
and 0.51?0.18 wt.% Co (n=18). Only one kamacite grain was identified
(7.2 wt.%
Ni and 1.1 wt.% Co).
The Co content of this single grain is intermediate between the ranges
for L
(0.70-0.95 wt.% Co) and LL (1.42-37.0 wt.% Co) chondrites, but is
closer to L.

Plagioclase: Ab86.0?0.6 Or7.0?0.4 (n=14) is richer in alkalis than
typical OC
plagioclase, and probably reflects shock melting.

Troilite is essentially pure FeS; it contains no detectable Cr, Co or

Anne M. Black
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I'm sure the reporter misquoted and misunderstood some of the things
they were
told but this paragraph is still disturbing on so many levels:

Jenniskens told Rivera that the space rock is one of only 20 ever found
of that
particular type.
"All the researchers are stoked because it's a really rare one," Rivera
Jenniskens invited Rivera to join him and another scientist on the
airship ride over Novato and parts of unincorporated Sonoma County,
following the trajectory of the Oct. 17 fireball. Rivera said he took
an oath
not to tell what they saw for fear that rogue meteorite hunters ?
eager to sell galactic collectibles on eBay ??might pounce on new
potential meteorite locations and rob scientists' ability to research
more rocks.



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>If I could agree more than 100%, I would.
>Some of the "blimp" reports claim the researchers are looking for
likely areas
to hunt.? Crater or no, why can't they do this using Google Maps and
Earth like the rest of us.
>My second issue, is why is a private citizen being given a free ride.?
What are
this person's credentials that he can add scientific value or meteorite
expertise?? I want to go on the blimp - sounds like fun and at least I
know what
one looks like.? Even better why not reach out to the professional
hunters on this list who have shown success over years of hunting in
countries, terrains and conditions and work together towards a common
goal.? I'm
willing to bet that 1 hour strategizing with one of you pro hunters
would pay
off infinitely more than 1 month in a tax-payer waste of money blimp.
>Finally, I have always been a strong supporter of NASA (National
and Space Administration). This sort of thing makes me reconsider that
especially in TERRESTRIAL matters where they are not the experts.
>Grrrrr ...
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>>>Subject: [meteorite-list] NASA SETI Misappropriation of Tax Payer
>>>To All Concerned US Tax Payers...
>>>I have been troubled by what is a clear misappropriation of US tax
funds by NASA/SETI. At a time of this country's financial crisis, this
is no
time to squander our tax dollars!!
>>>We have all seen and read about 'The Blimp" that was, as stated in
article link below, "... a NASA-hired airship." Not only are they using
privately owned "Blimp" for frivolous and far-fetched 'research', but
they are
also giving free joy rides to private citizens as stated from the
"Glenn Rivera [a private citizen] was invited by astronomers
[NASA/SETI] to hunt
for more meteorite crash-landing sites from a NASA-hired airship."
>>>In recent conversations, I and many of my colleagues and some NASA
(who wish to remain anonymous), have all concluded that finding
meteorites [of
any size] is completely impossible and a waste of tax payer dollars!
How can one
think you can spot a black rock the size of
>a dime, a golf ball or even a basketball from an altitude of 1000 feet?
>>>The only entity that benefits from these dream hunts is the private
who owns "The Blimp". They get paid by NASA for use of "The Blimp" and
they also
benefit from all of the free advertising with their logos and web
emblazoned on the sides of "The Blimp"!
>>>As far as I am concerned, hunting for meteorites floating in the sky
is full
of hot air!
>>>Here is the link the the article I reference:
>>>Best Regards,
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