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Hi Listees and Collectors,

First, I acquired some rare witnessed falls. These include 19th
century falls and 20th century falls from Japan, Bosnia, Ukraine,
Australia, and India. Some of these are extremely rare, are difficult
to find outside of museums, and were acquired via institutional
trades. I only managed to acquire less than a gram each of these
meteorites and I will not be able to get any more once these fragments
are gone. You won't see most of these on eBay or in the usual dealer
offerings, so don't miss out on this chance to add these obscure
localities to your micromount collection.

New Offerings, Specimens, Meteorites :

Bath (H4 chondrite, 1892 witnessed fall, South Dakota) -

Elenovka (L5 chondrite, 1951 witnessed fall, Ukraine) -

Kuttippuram (L6 chondrite, 1914 witnessed fall, India) -

Kyushu (L6 chondrite, 1886 witnessed fall, Japan) -

Woolgorong (L6 chondrite, 1960 witnessed fall, Australia) -

Zavid (L6 chondrite, 1897 witnessed fall, Bosnia) -

These next two meteorites I have offered in the past, but have been
sold out of them for a while. I now have new fragments in stock.
Quantities on both of these are limited.

Claxton (L6 hammer fall, mailbox smasher, Georgia 1984) -

Claxton Display -

Weston (H4 historical fall, Connecticut 1807, first USA witnessed
fall) - http://www.galactic-stone.com/product/weston--historic-first-american-witnessed-fall-meteorite-1807-micromounts

This next meteorite is one I have never offered until now. I only
managed to acquire a very small amount, so my supply is limited to
just a handful of micro specimens.

Almahata Sitta (anomalous urelite, 2008 witnessed fall, first tracked
asteroid impact) -

Almahata Sitta display -

This last offering is not a meteorite, but is of historical interest
to mineral collectors. It is high-grade uraninite ore (Pitchblende)
from the Hartenstein mines in East Germany. This same source of
uranium ore was used by the occupying Soviets to build their nuclear
warheads during the Cold War. The majority of Russian nuclear
warheads were made using uranium mined from this area of East Germany.
I acquired some large specimens and small fragments of this ore from
the same source who analyzed my trinitite samples.

Uraninite fragments -

Uraninite 50g cabinet specimen -

Uraninite 148g hand specimen -

Best regards and Merry Christmas,


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