[meteorite-list] Moroc Meteor Ice Ball Falls??? video

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Dirk, List,

Better called megacryometeors:
The concept of megacryometeors advanced by
Jes?s Mart?nez-Fr?as is widely disputed, however.

Terrestial in origin. Weights up to 50 kg. have
been recorded. Isotopically identical to surface
waters in the region (broadly defined), he says.

Morphologically, this looks like a hailstone with
many agglomerative "fingers." Megacryometeors
(or what are believed to be megacryometeors) are
often smooth.

My buddy Bill Occam says it's easier to believe
it fell from an airplane (water tank leak?) or is
the Mother of all Hailstones...

The problem with literal "ice meteors" is that even
a 10 metre ice chunk would only survive for a few
years (less than ten) before subliming away entirely.
(Meteorite Quarterly: November 2006, 12(4), 17 - 19)

Sterling K. Webb
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> List,
> It has been reported that a "mega ice meteor" fell in Moroc. Fact or
> fishy? Video included with pics.
> http://lunarmeteoritehunters.blogspot.jp/2012/12/fact-or-fiction-mega-ice-meteor-falls.html
> Dirk Ross...Tokyo
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