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From: Mendy Ouzillou <ouzillou_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2012 12:03:17 -0800
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Hello everyone,

Some old and some new available on eBay: http://bit.ly/V6SHEL
1) 845g Bondoc nodule: Make me an offer. Ending in 5 hours.
This nodule is a world class specimen. This nodule has been rolling around
in the ASU collection drawers for many years and is very stable material.
2) NEWLY LISTED: Pena Blanca Spring micros. Great material all originally
from Bob Haag. Starting bids at $0.99. I will provide custom slices - tell
me what size you want.
3) Many other listings you have seen before but with a Best Offer option.

UPDATE from previous off eBay listings (prices, pictures and dimensions
available upon request and specimen cards from original owners will be
1) Bondoc nodules w/ ASU specimen cards
a. 845g nodule: Very, very large nodule and a centerpiece of any
collection - on eBay
b. 533g half nodule
c. 67g half nodule
d. 66.4g nodule: card says 67.5g
e. 43.9g nodule
f. 42.2g nodule
2) Bondoc nodules w/o ASU specimen cards (but guaranteed to be Bondoc
from ASU): 75.2g
3) Neenach, 29.7g end cut: Backside completely crusted.
4) Allende: 285g end cut. Fantastic crust. HOLD
5) Mifflin (L5): SOLD
6) NWA 801 (CR2): 19.26g half stone, bright fresh metal, armored
chondrules, excellent exemplar of this meteorite.
7) NWA 100 (L6): 396g S4/W1. Great, very thick slice, blackish brown
8) Battle Mountain: Many specimens, they are all crusted and
affordable. From 0.5g to 15g slices and fragments.
9) New Orleans: various fragments each about 0.5g, CRUSTED and
non-crusted (ex. Adam Hupe)
10) Pena Blanca Springs: 3 separate slices, each w/ Bob Haag specimen
a. 17.3g with one crusted edge
b. 14.7g
c. 10.6g - used for micros on eBay.
11) Norton County: 3.3g crusted impact melt specimen
12) Billygoat Donga: SOLD
13) Kybunga: 5.6g crusted end cut
14) Leedey: 6.1g crusted partial slice
15) Faucett, Missouri: 35g part slice crusted, ex Bob Haag w/ specimen
16) American Meteorite Lab, Huss specimens with matching cards. These
specimens were kept in baggies for a very long time and are amazingly fresh.
a. Taiban (b): 6.8g crusted endcut
b. Great Bend, Kansas: 8.6g crusted slice
c. Macy, New Mexico: 13.5g crusted slice
17) Tatahouine: Truly first class specimens
a. Green: 6.7g, 14.4g, 12.8g, 9.6g, 16.8g
b. Black: 9.9g
c. Black w/ real patch of crust (100% guaranteed real crust, this is
not chromite): 11.9g
18) NWA 4024 (Winonaite): 52.3g end cut (etched)
19) Jumapalo: 7.76 part slice from Bandung Geological Museum, ex Mike
20) Bilanga: 2.8g crusted fragment
21) Wuan: SOLD
22) Buzzard Coulee: bought from finder w/ export permits. All have
glossy black crust.
a. 93.0g, fully crusted beauty. Small patches of dark secondary fusion
crust (less than 5%) and a small very white inclusion.
b. 81.2g, 95% crusted with glossy patches of brown fusion crust that
developed during entry through atmosphere.
c. 29.4g, 95% crusted with large patch of brown glossy crust.
Regards to all,

Mendy Ouzillou
IMCA #8395
MetSoc member
Native English Reviewer for Meteorites Scientific Journal
Received on Sun 23 Dec 2012 03:03:17 PM PST

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