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Date: Sat, 22 Dec 2012 09:51:30 +0100
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Hello Frank,

Yes, solar implanted gases were detected and evaluated. This is
summarized in the main text, p 1585 (see below) and further detailed
in the supplementary text "Materials & Methods" where figures S1 to
S36 can be seen, in particular Fig S27 (20Ne/22Ne versus 21Ne/22Ne

Here is part of the related ? of the main text:

..."SM is a regolith breccia. Like all CM chondrites (26), SM contains
Ne from solar wind implantation in a surface regolith (fig. S27).
Unlike most other CM chondrites, the brecciated nature of that
regolith is evident: SM2, 18, 47, 48, 51, and 54 contain angular to
rounded clasts embedded in a fine-grained comminuted matrix seen
visually (Fig. 2A), by x-ray and backscattered electron mapping (Fig.
2B and fig. S13), and by x-ray and neutron computed tomography (figs.
S28 and S30)"...

Kind regards,

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Frank Cressy <fcressy at prodigy.net> a ?crit?:
> The "Science" abstract refers Sutter's Mill meteorite as being a regolith
> breccia.? I've only read the abstract and several other abstracts,  
> but I don't
> remember any mention of it containing solar implanted gases.? I was under the
> impression that to be a regolith breccia, there had to be a noble  
> gas content.?
> Am I missing something or am I completely wrong.? (It hasn't been the first
> time)
> Thanks,
> Frank
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