[meteorite-list] Watch out Ebay Sellers! Total scammer scammingmeteorite!

From: Terry Boswell <dorifry_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2012 11:38:28 -0500
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I'm suprised more riffy people haven't figured out they can do this and get
away with it.

Phil Whitmer
Joshua Tree Earth & Space Museum

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> So, I just wanted to tell my fellow ebay meteorite sellers about this
> total scammer on Ebay that is buying meteorites.
> This guy bought a really nice bullet-shaped Taza from me and stated
> that he didn't like it but he didn't want to go to the trouble of
> returning it, he just wanted his money back, and I told him that if he
> wanted his money back he was going to have to return the piece. I
> don't offer partial refunds or anything. I just needed the piece
> returned.
> Here's whet he did!!!! I almost still can't believe he did this - he
> returned to me a bubble mailer, with an EMPTY gemjar - no meteorite.
> He kept the TAZA and GOT a REFUND!
> Eventually Ebay ended up giving me my money back, but he also kept his
> money and the TAZA! Ebay says that they will let him steal this time,
> and keep him on Ebay, and just watch to see if he does it again. So, I
> am just warning all of you guys out there about him b/c I am sure if
> you are prone to do something that evil, you don't do it in a vacuum,
> and you will surely do it again.
> Here is all the info I have on him at this time from my unfortunate
> sale with him:
> Buyer:
> Member id yosefr2007
> Buyer's Email:
> rozaniy at gmail.com
> rozany yosef
> Moza Tahtit
> MOZA TAHTIT mikud 90822
> Jerusalem ISRAEL 90822
> Israel
> If you want to keep your money, then I would advise you not sell to this
> clown.
> Peace ya'll,
> Leigh Anne DelRay
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