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Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2012 22:54:36 -0800
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Hello everyone,

I am trying to raise cash for some big purchases. This is quite a list and
for those of you that know me, you can see I have been very busy collecting
in the last 14 months. I have more items to list but figured I would list
the bulk of it. I realize it is a long list, but there is something here
for most everyone. Patience will be rewarded.

Off eBay listings (prices, pictures and dimensions available upon request
and specimen cards from original owners will be provided).
1) Bondoc nodules w/ ASU specimen cards
a. 845g nodule: Very, very large nodule and a centerpiece of any
b. 533g half nodule
c. 67g half nodule
d. 66.4g nodule: card says 67.5g
e. 43.9g nodule
f. 42.2g nodule
2) Bondoc nodules w/o ASU specimen cards (but guaranteed to be Bondoc
from ASU): 75.2g
3) Neenach, 29.7g end cut: Backside completely crusted.
4) Allende: 285g end cut. Fantastic crust.
5) Mifflin (L5): 2.17g partial slice, 2 edges crusted, very fresh
6) NWA 801 (CR2): 19.26g half stone, bright fresh metal, armored
chondrules, excellent exemplar of this meteorite.
7) NWA 100 (L6): 396g S4/W1. Great, very thick slice, blackish brown
8) Battle Mountain: Many specimens, they are all crusted and
affordable. From 0.5g to 15g slices and fragments.
9) New Orleans: various fragments each about 0.5g, crusted and
non-crusted (ex. Adam Hupe)
10) Pena Blanca Springs: 3 separate slices, each w/ Bob Haag specimen
a. 17.3g with one crusted edge
b. 14.7g
c. 10.6g
11) Norton County: 3.3g crusted impact melt specimen
12) Billygoat Donga: 8.1g crusted slice
13) Kybunga: 5.6g crusted end cut
14) Leedy: 6.1g crusted partial slice
15) Faucett, Missouri: 35g part slice crusted, ex Bob Haag w/ specimen
16) American Meteorite Lab, Huss specimens with matching cards. These
specimens were kept in baggies for a very long time and are amazingly fresh.
a. Taiban (b): 6.8g crusted endcut
b. Great Bend, Kansas: 8.6g crusted slice
c. Macy, New Mexico: 13.5g crusted slice
17) Tatahouine: Truly first class specimens
a. Green: 6.7g, 14.4g, 12.8g, 9.6g, 16.8g
b. Black: 9.9g
c. Black w/ real patch of crust (100% guaranteed real crust, this is
not chromite): 11.9g
18) NWA 4024 (Winonaite): 52.3g end cut (etched)
19) Jumapalo: 7.76 part slice from Bandung Geological Museum, ex Mike
20) Bilanga: 2.8g crusted fragment
21) Wuan: 11.22g part slice
22) Buzzard Coulee: bought from finder w/ export permits. All have
glossy black crust.
a. 93.0g, fully crusted beauty. Small patches of dark secondary fusion
crust (less than 5%) and a small very white inclusion.
b. 81.2g, 95% crusted with glossy patches of brown fusion crust that
developed during entry through atmosphere.
c. 29.4g, 95% crusted with large patch of brown glossy crust.

eBay listings (http://bit.ly/UElsbR) ending Saturday:
1) Etter, TX (L5): 124.4g
a. American Meteorite Lab specimen card and matching hand painted
b. Aerolite Meteorites (Geoff Notkin) and Tricottet Collection (Dr.
Mignan) specimen cards
2) Boxhole: 429g, Iron IIIAB
a. This meteorite is one of the larger Boxhole specimens I have seen
come up on eBay or other dealer websites in a long time. Often, these
larger pieces have uninteresting shapes. This specimen has a great shape
and appears to have been freshly dug up.
3) NWA 6619: 64.8g crusted fragment, CV3 (S1/W2), ex Mirko Graul
4) Moapa Valley (CM1): 0.7g cut fragment w/ crust, ex Sonny Clary
a. From Sonny, "Moapa Valley is the first CM1 recovered in the United
States, with a TKW of 699 grams. It has been described as one of the most
important US finds ever, and rarer than any Lunar or Martian finds. Material
of this classification is almost unattainable."
5) Buzzard Coulee: H4 observed fall, bought from finder - copy of
export permits provided after sale
a. 29.3g half stone
b. 52.2g stone, more than 90% crusted
6) Bondoc: Various specimens with one starting at $0.99 and ending

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