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From: C.G. <petcal50_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2012 09:53:51 -0800
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After 12 years selling on ebay, and, over 20,000 positive feedbacks,
and, more than a handful of stories, all I know is THIS: Unless a
seller is truly ripping people off, and, keeping sales cash, and not
delivering the goods, it is impossible to "get anybody kicked off
I was scammed by a professional scammer in a Silver Bullion
transaction, in 2011, and, when I found 7 other sellers who were hit
in the buyer's feedback, in the last 3 years, and, wrote them all,
and, same old story, I was pretty upset when ebay would do
nothing.....crooks know how to manipulate the buyer protection system,
and, win every time...I left a negative feedback in the positive
feedback box(Ever since ebay does not allow sellers to leave negative
feedback, these scammers escalated--NO chance of feedback issues),
and, ebay banned me FOR LIFE...(I did see on here some negative
feedback left in boxes, under these meteorite sales, so, maybe ebay
has let people do it now...not last year, mine was removed)...
Of course, it's easy to open new accounts, so, I just started
over....it was a harsh lesson and reality check....99% of my sales
went through great, with no hassles...then, about 1x/year, a real
loser would appear..they always happened in 3's..always....leaving
negatives without contacting me first was the worst...usually these
young kids, who have no manners......many friends of mine have just
left for a more level playing field, as ebay is too corrupt....so, if
you sell there, just be careful, always use delivery confirmation, AND
Signature confirmation on sales over $250.00, or, all the buyer has to
do is open a claim, and, BOOM, the funds are taken out of paypal
immedietly, and, your considered guilty, until proven
otherwise....combination of ebay owning paypal, and, not able to leave
nuetrals or negs to buyers really has made ebay mush more difficult to
spot shabby buyers and sellers..HINT...LOOK FOR older feedbacks, past
1 year, where it says FEEDBACK REMOVED....huge red flag...in the old
days, these would have been negatives for life, now, they are shown as
above....use your instincts..write old buyers and sellers, and, see if
they were scammed, or duped....I am fearless now on ebay..I don't give
a rat's ass what they say or do, as I know all they care about is
profits, and, the buyer protection program is a joke to sellers who
strive to make a living...remember, more than a few sellers tell
their friends to bid up their auctions, and, it's almost impossible to
stop...buy carefully....
Stay safe, and happy hunting.
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