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Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2012 15:10:32 -0500
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Hi Doug and Numerous Listers,

I apologize for my little Indian rant earlier. It's obvious that this
issue is not only controversial, but it also touches upon issues of
politics and culture. There is a lot at stake here, and the issue
merits attention. But, we must be smart about it. Tempers and
personal interests aside, I think any increased regulation that
stifles meteorite recovery is going to hurt everyone involved -
hunters, dealers, trader/collectors, and scientists. Make no mistake,
nobody will emerge unscathed if nothing is done to correct this course
the BLM has taken.

Dr. Gessler had the most cogent advice in this entire discussion.
Please, let us all heed it :

Get something intelligent and persuasive down on paper. Put some
respected and authoritative names behind it and publish it in MAPS or
any other journal/venue where it will be considered with the
seriousness that it demands

Best regards and happy huntings,

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On 12/3/12, Doug Ross <doug at dougross.net> wrote:
> This "Meteorite List" is turning into a "Politics List"!  lol I can
> understand both sides of the debate, and as a small time private hunter,
> sure I would like for the BLM to explicitly grant me broad, unrestricted
> permission to hunt meteorites to my heart's content on public land. But is
> that likely to happen? Of course not. As it stands, I don't feel
> particularly hindered by the current guidelines. My concern is that mounting
> an aggressive campaign to elicit a revision in these guidelines could
> backfire. The easiest answer for a bureaucrat to give, when pressed for a
> response, is "No". I'm happy to support any effort to document the
> accomplishments and contributions to meteoritical science by private
> hunters. I just hope that it is handled in a way that doesn't provoke an
> outright hunting ban by the Feds next year.
> Doug Ross
> doug at dougross.net
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