[meteorite-list] BLM and Meteorite Recovery Policy

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Date: Sun, 2 Dec 2012 20:36:56 -0600
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If you look at all the regulatory horrors that have been heaped on us over the last 40 years in every aspect of our lives, this seems incidental. The last stand, our real estate, has been stripped of it's value erasing generations of work. It isn't surprising that meteorites are being eyeballed. The media hype is an ongoing mistake.


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> Perhaps we should all stop collecting & selling meteorites. Also, stop
> giving to, selling or trading with institutions.
> All of these things "bring attention to" meteorites and the fact
> They are collected and valued by a very small few.
> Michael
> On 12/2/12 2:40 PM, "Adam Hupe" <raremeteorites at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > Martin,
> >
> > I don't see how I can be wrong when I am basically quoting what was stated
> > the Meteorite Recovery Act. I avoid the press and have turned down more
> > interviews that I have accepted. If the first question out of a reporters'
> > mouth is "how much is it worth?", I usually end the interview. When we are
> > talking about a key piece, I will quote a price so that they do not try to
> > appraise the piece themselves which has happened numerous times in the past.
> > I find it best to avoid the media.
> >
> >
> > It states right in the Recovery policy that "recent media attention
> > has increased public interest in meteorites as well as confusion"
> >
> > Here is the exact context:
> >
> > "However, recent media attention
> > has increased public interest in meteorites as well as confusion about
> > the legality of and limits to casual and commercial collection. Courts
> > have long established that meteorites belong to the owner of the surface
> > estate."
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