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Hi Bulletin Watchers,

A new approval from Austria - Ischgl.

Link - http://www.lpi.usra.edu/meteor/metbull.php?code=56431

>From Met Bull 101 :

Ischgl 47?1.58?N, 10?16.40?E
Tirol, Austria
Found: 1976 June
Classification: Ordinary chondrite (LL6)

History: A single black stone was found by Josef Pfefferle on a
mountain road near the town of Ischgl, Austria, in June 1976, while he
was clearing the remnants of a snow avalanche. According to the
finder, the stone had apparently fallen out of the snow and was lying
in the middle of the road. He recognized the unusual appearance of the
rock and suspected that it might be a meteorite. However, it was not
until 2008 that he brought the stone to the University of Innsbruck
where its meteoritic nature was confirmed. In 2011, the meteorite was
purchased from the finder by the NHMV.

Physical characteristics: Single 710 g grayish-black, fresh fusion
crusted stone with some well-defined regmaglypts. A broken face (~8 ?
5 cm) exhibits a light-gray breccia with few metallic grains.
Petrography: (J. Konzett, UInns; F. Brandst?tter, NHMV). Thin section
shows a strongly recrystallized matrix with a few indistinct
chondrules. Plagoiclase (50-100 ?m in size) shows polysynthetic
Geochemistry: Olivine Fa28.9?0.4, n=19; low-Ca pyroxene
Fs23.8?0.8Wo2.1?0.3, n=28.
Classification: (LL6), S3, W0
Specimens: The main mass (710 g) is deposited as the type specimen at
NHMV. One thin section is deposited at UInns.

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