From: Jason Utas <meteoritekid_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sat Jul 15 22:44:20 2006
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Hello David, All,

Well done. You've missed my point entirely.

And way to be melodramatic.

I don't care whether or not people have collections.
It's my opinion that if they want one, they should be able to do whatever
they want with it. But they should *want* to conserve such rare items and
use them for their only really useful purpose - to expand our knowledge of
the solar system.

I'm not saying that people should give up their collections.

But they should be willing to allow dealers to sell a portion of their finds
to science, so that the might be studied more in-depth. Without the
scientific research behind all of this, they'd just be useless bits of rock

And maybe when we all pass on, we could leave some statement in our will
that would allow the University of Arizona to either have the first go at
buying it, or just donate it to them outright. They do no good sitting
in your drawers or wherever you keep them. You might as well give them to a
place that can actually put them to use.

David, you know what I mean - you're one of the few that actually has a
website where one can see descriptive pictures of meteorites - you're an
exception anyways. And surely you felt some reason to put all of those
pictures and that information up - it wasn't just for your own enjoyment,
was it?
If you care at all about how unique and special such items are, you'd just
allow this to happen. It wouldn't harm you, your pocketbook, or your
collection at all. I've already explained this.

If you wish to continue to ignore what I'm saying, go right ahead. No one's
going to stop you....but I do hope you get it eventually.

And since I've been writing this, Stan has written back again, so off to
that one...


On 7/14/06, David Weir <dgweir_at_earthlink.net> wrote:
> Hello Stan and Jason,
> Jason has eloquently convinced me that my virtually complete systematic
> collection, which I have put together over the past 23 years, would be
> better utilized for science by my selling it to SWMC. I presume that my
> collection will be better accessible to scientific as well as public
> interests through SWMC rather than by its continued exhibition on my
> meteoritestudies.com website - along with those boring comments I keep
> writing. Therefore, I will take offers from SWMC for its sale and
> safe-keeping, forever guarding it against further destruction into tiny
> bits. Although the level of scientific scrutiny that is undertaken today
> is on the nanometer scale, I agree with Jason that these objects must be
> kept intact at all costs. I will entertain offers from SWMC for my
> entire collection, and I will go back to the study of plants. (serious
> offers only please.)
> Regards,
> David
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