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Date: Tue Feb 28 01:04:49 2006
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>>In 1995, Killgore gave up his job as a plumber to become a meteorite
>>prospector. He now has one of the world's premier private collections,
>>including one lunar specimen valued at $8 million that he located with
>>the help of Bedouin nomads.
>NWA 773, which I guess he's discussing with the journalist here, has a
>TKW of 633 g; at $8 million value, this comes to $12,638/g. The same
>type of lunar gabbro material can be purchased for a few hundred per
>gram today.

cool. that makes my mian mass of 2727 worth about a million bucks - maybe
more since it has a lower TKW is 50% crusted and a dome shape orientated
stone. Since killgore's new center will be offering collectors a 'fair
value' I guess their price should be pretty close to that number, right?
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