[meteorite-list] scalecube - the last of the many, Henbury, Sikhote, AD

From: Dr. Svend Buhl <info_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sat Feb 25 08:20:44 2006
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Dear friends of the cube,

as requests for cube devices continue to hit my mailbox I decided in a fit
of altruism to part with one of my last three remaining scalecubes. In order
to let everbody have a fair chance to acquire it, I have listed it on ebay.
I guarantee to reinvest the revenue into research and development of
scalecube technology. So please go and have a bid, its for science!


The list looks back on a number of discussions regarding the NWA 869
meteorite. We have listed a 508 gm endcut of a meteorite that was purchased
under the name of NWA 869 in Morroco. It received a classification in the
Institute of Planetology of the University of Muenster under the name NWA
2554. The large and impressive cut surface measures more than 12 cm and
shows clear brecciation, large chondrules in a blue matrix and a variety of


No need to comment much on this 1.04 kg regmaglypted Henbury. A masterpiece
of flight sculptation gentled with the patina of five millenia:


For streamlined flowlines and full regmaglyption on a magnificent SA
meteorite go to:


Thanks for your interest


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