[meteorite-list] If I can choose.....!

From: Mike Fowler <mqfowler_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Fri Feb 24 12:37:15 2006
Message-ID: <45422E7D-738A-464D-9072-EA97AE110C13_at_mac.com>

Hi List,

Although I would "settle" for a Mercurian Meteorite, I don't think it
would be an Angrite.

My top choice would be a Kaidunite! Kaidun, a possible piece of
Phobos. Top that for rarity if you can!

Mike Fowler

> can't choose between an Lunite or a pallasite. I'd also be hard
> pressed
> to decide whether to keep the whole thing for myself, or sell it
> off to pay
> for the roof repairs! You can get a lot of shingles for one 'hammer'.
> My husband has voted; he says 'any'. He further says that he
> doesn't care
> if the house gets blown to smithereens, having it struck by a
> meteorite is
> kewl (as long as no one gets seriously hurt.)
> We can rebuild.
> Tracy Latimer
> >>If I can choose....................
> >>Would you please make mine an aubrite?
> >>They are so pretty, so delicate-looking, hard to believe they can
> survive
> >>the impact. And there is only 16 of them!
> >>Anyone else?????
> >>Anne M. Black
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