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From: MexicoDoug_at_aol.com <MexicoDoug_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Fri Feb 24 03:03:50 2006
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Stan 'n Anne dream:

<< Awww come on Doug. what would you rather crash through the roof of your
 house right now - a 100 kg nose cone orientated lunar / planetary or an HED?
 even if you like HEds better that 100 kg of moon rock could buy you a TON of
 HEDs - literally speaking ofcourse. I like HEDs to, but there is no question
 that the planetary stuff is better to have! :) >>

<< If I can choose....................
 Would you please make mine an aubrite?
  Anyone else????? >>

Well, if my iron re-enforced concrete roof is to be hypothetically Moonstruck
with an oriented nosecone meteorite type of my choice - I would prepare by
installing a trampoline spring frame supporting a trammel fishing net of at
least 500 kilo test monofiliment inside elasticized insulating sleeves. My first
choice impactor would definitely be a eucrite!

The only way it would leave my possession after recovery would over a big
chisel pounded into my clutching rigor morti finger joints and deboned arms.
This is because an incredibly attractive, kiln-glazed ablated finish resulting
from entry seems most dependable from eucrites. The hypothetical monetary value
in my lifetime (as long as it were not cut short in the impact) would be
immaterial since it would never be marketed (And I wouldn't insult your
intelligence by explaining these economics to you, Stan). Second choice would be fool's
eucrite, a.k.a. lunaite, a.k.a. rich man's eucrite, because of the similar
eucrite-like texture the fusion crust would be likely to produce compared to
that of all other types of meteorites I know.

Now, if a third party businessperson were to "hand" over an impersonal 100 kg
of my meteoritical choice, I'll be practical and take the lunaite as you
recommend, rent a room at the InnSuites and have a bit of fun, and let everyone
take a small step on it for good measure...

I am still dearly hoping to have a respectable specimen of a lunaite some
day, but unfortunately no one has broken the Lunar cartel yet nor let me in, so
about as good as that gets remains just a fantasy - it's not the real thing

Saludos, Doug
(Sweet dreams of pleasant streams,
By happy silent moony beams)
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