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From: Martin Altmann <>
Date: Thu Feb 23 17:45:49 2006
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And that's why I think that Ensisheim and Munich are the more pleasant
fairs. There all is concentrated in 1 and 3 halls and the dealers aren't
scattered through a whole town,
so that such an occurrence never could happen, nor would a dealer have an
idea to tell stories to lure some audience to his stall.
If there would be a doubtable stone, all would take a look and especially in
Ensisheim, where after 7 o'clock only meteorite people are on the streets,
they would discuss it in the only 2-3 places, to stay in the evening, at a
good beer and some ciche...

Huh, can't wait the summer!
Got so sentimental today, that I bought an engraving of the Ensisheim town
hall on ebay...
Zelimir, we still need your confirmation!


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An:; Martin Altmann;; 'Walter Branch'
Betreff: Re: [meteorite-list] A reply to all involved ...

Indeed, but the story goes deeper,
Edwin had been told by myself and others (including scientists) that the 2.5

kilo stone was a Diogenite, I have some of the same stone sitting in my
office and have seen many kilos of it in Morocco and some at the show in
other dealers rooms. That did not stop Edwin from still saying it was a
Martian meteorite. The Lunar piece is not even a meteorite. He had numerous
pieces in that case, a lot of NWA 1929. It was Edwin's first or second trip
to Morocco, so I understand if he does not know the dynamics there of just
how many stones are out there.
Again, this started as a joke, and you see Edwin did not deny that, of
course I can get Ted Bunch in on it since he helped play the joke on Jim
Strope and I. He knew those stones were not planetary, but decided to keep
saying it afterwards.
That is a huge difference.
Mike Farmer

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Subject: AW: [meteorite-list] A reply to all involved ...

And Walter,

not to forget, that we poor Europeans and others, who couldn't attend the
show, wouldn't know, how it was there, as until now I can find only his
report and no others else.

And not to forget, that eucrites can be sometimes very tricky.
I remembered last year a person showing around in Ensisheim a new lunaite,
which actually turned out later to be an eucrite, but I think, I forgot, who
it was...


At least the argueing shows, that all returned healthy from Tucson and full
of energy!

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Gesendet: Donnerstag, 23. Februar 2006 22:27
Betreff: Re: [meteorite-list] A reply to all involved ...

Hi Bernd,

Yes, I agree and I am glad you brought this up. I feel ashamed that I did
not bring this to the attention of the list yesterday.

Mark loves meteorites and he loves interacting with meteorite people. His
work cataloging and posting popular press and newspapaer articles is nothing
short of amazing and is a real contribution. He really did not deserve to
be placed in a bad light yesterday. He was duped only because of his
enthusiasm for meteorites and his desire to communicate with others who
could not be there (like me). There are many meteorite people I would like
to personally meet some day from this list and Mark and others are at the
top of my list.

-Walter Branch

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Subject: [meteorite-list] A reply to all involved ...

> .. in this ploy if it was one at all!
> I do hope all of you gentlemen do not forget the beer(s) you owe Mark
> Mark is definitely not the evil-doer but the victim of whatever happened
or did
> not happen in E.T.'s room. He comes home from Tucson, writes a thorough,
> in-depth report of what he saw to let those who did not make it to Tucson,
who could
> not see (and touch) the Brenham main mass in person, and enjoy the joyous
company at
> the annual birthday bash, participate in the goings-on there, well, he
comes home to
> get his ears slapped. I'd say this deserves quite a few beers to
compensate for the
> uncalled-for attack on him!
> My two Euros,
> Bernd
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