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Date: Wed Feb 22 21:48:03 2006
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>As a relatively new collector I could be missing the point. But, isn't
>true that a "rock" does not become a meteorite, (Lunar, Martian, or
>anything else), until a scientist says so and assigns a number or name?
>If this is true, then it would be untruthful for anyone, especially a
>dealer, to say "I have a Lunar meteorite" until it has been verified.

not at all. the process of assigning a name or number has nothing to do with
a rock being or not being a meteorite - or any type of meteorite for that
matter. havign a rock looked at by a researcher and assigned a name is like
having a rare coin slabbed by PCGS - or a diamond to the GIA - it's a way
of TRYING to guarantee the authenticy of what a rock may be - i say TRY
because even the researchers get it wrong some times - and some times the
researchers cant agree as to the systematics of classification due to the
larger and larger base of experience of meteorite classification that has
come about by the proliferation of interesting new discoveries of the last
few decades.

if someone has reasonable evidence to think a stone is a lunar meteorite
there is no reason why it cant be sold as such, although in the inrest of
full disclosure such evidence should be openly disclosed to the buyer so
that they can make an infomed decision on the classification of the stone -
even if there is no 'official' classification or name/number
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