AW: [meteorite-list] AD: (good offer, Matteo sucks) FRESH ESTHERVILLE PART-SLICE

From: Martin Altmann <>
Date: Wed Feb 22 06:46:07 2006
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Seems that I should continue with comparing the prices on McomeMeteorites
homepage to remarkably cheaper offers, shall I?
I think last time I stopped at letter "L"....

To help Ryan against Matteo's intervention trying to disturb his sale:
6$/g which he asks lies on the lowest edge of all prices found at all
Etherville offerors on the web.

Check it out:

There you find at present those prices for Estherville:


6-10$/g (+ 17.5% VaT for Europeans), + a 15lb. slice at 4.3$/g, + a 1kg
block a 4$/g


8.6 - 12$/g


5.67$-10.15$/g (fragments)

70-75$/g (individuals)



And those are the complete Estherville-offers visible today on the

Matteo removed his Estherville prices, but if I look back, only 3 months
ago, he asked 17.6$ - 50$/g (!!!), so look, who is talking there!!

Conclusion: Ryan's offer is the cheapest for slices on the web at the
moment, nothing wrong with his price.

2 days ago I sold a slice at 5Eur/g = 6$/g too and I nor the buyer had the
feeling, that this would be an exaggerated price. And now we have only a
1.15kg-fragment left, seen the cut loss and the work, we would again ask
6$/g, if we would cut slices. - As we are lazy, maybe s.o. want to have it
at 3000$?

So Matteo, do us all a favour and don't disturb others, when they advertise
their material at good conditions, with your absolutely unqualified comments

as long as you aren't able to beat their prices
or I have to continue to pick your prices L-Z to pieces.
Be warned!


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Time ago probably you sale for $6/gr., now Estherville
big pieces its available for $3-4/gr. I have pay my
Estherville slice years ago $7/gr. from British



> Anyone care to make an offer on my slice of
> Estherville? This particular slice has some large
> metal blebs and nice crystals as well. I was
> originally looking for $750, but can be a little
> flexible on this one. Sorry for posting this to the
> list, but I don't have a website; this is the best
> that I can do. Please ask for a photo and we'll work
> something out.
> Best Wishes,
> Ryan
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> >Good Evening Everyone...
> >
> >Might anyone be interested in purchasing a 125g
> part-slice of the Estherville meso? It's a very
> fresh slice from the interior of a very large
> individual; no oxidation whatsoever, and it has some
> large metal blebs. I can let it go for six bucks a
> gram if anyone wants it. Please email off list for a
> photo. Thanks.
> >
> >Ryan
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