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Date: Tue Feb 21 03:11:43 2006
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Dear Listees,

I think Alexander made the point clear. The repository information in MetBase is based on catalogs and inventory lists of about 700 private and public meteorite collections in the MetBase Library of Meteoritics and Planetary Sciences. I try to keep the information as up-to-date as possible. However, it can never represent the state of all collections at a certain time as publication dates of these catalogs and inventory lists vary.

I invite everybody to send me her/his meteorite collection list and I will be happy to add the data to MetBase.

Best wishes,

J?rn Koblitz
MetBase editor

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Regarding my recent post about MetBase 7.1 data on Pultusk one must always
be aware of the fact and keep in mind that the collection data presented
there are nothing but a mere "snapshot in space and time", and very
transitory as time goes by, and very probably even insufficient even at the
time the release was made. Certain fixed collection data at a certain time,
no more no less, which does not make it less valuable in the end for getting
sort of an "overview". You can?t have more details of the spreading among
collectors for a widely available specimen, like Pultusk is, at any given
time, you can only make educated guesses, and re Pultusk these will very (!)
definitely increase the 250 kg figure stated in MetBase right now.

Some time ago Zelimir (Prof Gabelica), our well-known and very dear
collector friend from France, who is the organizer of the annual meteorite
show in Ensisheim (the very best one in Europe btw, besides Munich!!) asked
the collector community for feedback about the private distribution of the
Ensisheim meteorite. I wonder if he ever reached any conclusive and reliable
result with this... :-) Zelimir?


> in my collection I have a 370 gr. frag. with crust and
> a 8 gr. slice. For example in the list its not present
> the Milan museum have some samples from 200 grams to
> 50 grams....
> Matteo
> --- ha scritto:
> > Matteo wrote (a scritto):
> >
> > "we have to calculate the many pieces in the private
> > collections."
> >
> > Right! I own 11 grams of Pultusk. It's a polished
> > end section with
> > fresh, velvet black fusion crust and extremely
> > abundant FeNi flakes
> > that I purchased from David New in 1993 (January
> > 1993 sales list).
> >
> > Here is David's unmistakable comment from his sales
> > list:
> >
> > "Choice highly polished light to dark gray end
> > sections with rich
> > metallic inclusions and excellent fresh black
> > fusion crust."
> >
> >
> > Best wishes,
> >
> > Bernd
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