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Date: Mon Feb 20 19:18:37 2006
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WOW, these morons sure ruined their lives didnt they?
Mike Farmer
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> Hello list,
> Dr. Everett Gibson, who is not a list member, did have a few comments
> along our discussion, which he is once again is kindly letting me share
> with the group.
> The meat on the pricing related here is: ~103 grams for 7-8 million on the
> low side, to ~234 million on the high side. Which is $70,000-80,000 a
> gram, to a little over 2 million a gram.
> Clear Skies,
> Mark Bostick
> www.meteoritearticles.com
> Mark,
> The meteorites, martian samples and lunar samples taken in the theft
> of
> the safe from my lab at NASA's Johnson Space Center were appraised by
> three
> individuals who buy and sell meteorites. The monetary values determined
> by the
> three appraisers was used in the trial of Gordon McWhorter and the
> sentencing
> hearing for Thad Roberts. I would prefer not to give the monetary values
> determined by the appraisers but I can tell you the value for the ALH84001
> sample was staggering.
> The attorneys argued over whether the cost of the Apollo program
> should
> be "figured" into the value of the lunar samples. The monetary value of
> the
> samples figured into the length of the sentences given the defendants.
> Taking the weight of the 53 different lunar samples stolen (~103 grams
> total
> weight stolen) along with the mass of returned lunar samples from the six
> Apollo
> missions, and costs for the missions. The top value of the appraised
> material
> came to ~$234 million dollars. The lower value was in the $7 to 8
> million
> dollar range-excluding selected Apollo mission costs . The actual
> numbers are
> in the court testimony which I have not seen because as a witness I was
> excluded from that testimony.
> As a side light, McWhorter was found guilty and sentenced to ~60 or
> 70
> months in federal custody. He is currently in the Fort Worth Federal
> Mental
> Facility and is not scheduled to be released until April 2008. Thad
> Roberts
> was sentenced to 90 months federal custody. His last appeal (based on
> his
> belief that he was sentenced too harshly) has just been denied within the
> past
> two months. He has recently been transferred from the medium level
> security
> facility in Florence, CO to the Super Maximum Security Facility
> (SUPER-MAX!) in
> Florence, CO because of failing to obey the rules. Roberts is scheduled
> to
> be released the end of January 2009.
> Everett
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