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Hello List,

As the number of individual stones cited in the literature vary widely,
it is really difficult to come up with accurate numbers and a reliable
TKW. Some examples that show what I mean:

1. Quenstedt, T?bingen, 1872, in lectures on geology, p. 299:

"... Pultusk near Warsaw where they probably fell in the one hundred thousands."

2. Another source that I cannot trace back exactly but which must have been
published about the same time (maybe M. Neumayr, 1895, Leipzig and Vienna):

"The Paris Mueseum of Natural Sciences alone houses 950 complete stones."

3. SEARS D.W.G. (1978) The Nature and Origin of Meteorites, p. 33:

"The largest was probably Pultusk, which was composed of some 100000 fragments."

4.. NORTON O.R. (1998) Rocks From Space, 2nd edition, pp. 73-74:

"Over one hundred thousand stones (possibly as many as three hundred thousand)
rained down near the Polish town of Pultusk."

5. The "Blue Book" said:

" [an] estimated 2000 kg fell, total number of fragments having been about 180000."


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