[meteorite-list] AD: Little Marses for really Everyone !!

From: Martin Altmann <altmann_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sun Feb 19 18:18:32 2006
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Good Sunday list,

here in a German-French cultural TV-channel is running at the moment a
thematic evening about MARS.
Was a great opportunity to announce a special Martian sale
of the new shergottites, which the Jeunesse dor?e (in this case Stefan Ralew
& Martin Altmann) organized.

As they are cheap (can't say it better, although I know that some of you
don't like this attribute in context with meteorites) and selling very fast,
I don't want to withhold them to the list.

It is well-known material, paired to the group NWA 1068 (Louise Michel), NWA
1110, NWA 1183, NWA 1775, NWA 2373, which is known to be existent mainly in
many, many little stones.
Ours will receive an own NWA number, classification should be ready in about
5 weeks.
Was thought to be a kind of pre-sale, but it seems, that it will be sold out
We got 20grams, a large part of them are such minute crumbs and dusts, that
we really can't sell them without remorse (I think, it would be good for
mixing some drinks), well they were heftily dirt crusted, so we lost some
weight in cleaning, finally with the piece for the thin section and the
material to deposit for the classification,
there about half of it, will be gone and in the last 24h I sold quite a
bunch, so I guess, soon this number won't be available any more, before it
got it's number at all!

If you check the offerors of the other numbers, you will find, that the
other paired numbers are sold everywhere at 500-800$/g
(and in the case of 1183 even higher), some are sold out totally,
and it's not a secret, that the shergottites are the first type of all,
which has remarkably risen in price (will happen to the other classes sooner
or later too), and those of you, who are ebay-fanatics, will agree, that we
would bring out a higher revenue, if we would list our stones on ebay.

Long words, short sense..

We have to over tiny, but entire stones of that shergottite and we ask in
this special sale


The specimens are so comfortably sized, that really each and every collector
with a very limited budget can fullfill his dream to own an entire stone
from Mars in his collection!

That's what we have,
photos of each single piece I'll email on request.
Each buyer will get handed in the NWA-number of course, when the
classification will have been done.
All pieces larger then 0.5g are already gone.

0.12g - 36$
0.14g - 42$
0.16g - 48$
0.16g(B) - 48$
0.16g(C) - 48$
0.16g(D) - 48$
0.17g - 51$
0.17g(B) - 51$
0.17g(C) - 51$
0.19g - 57$
0.20g - 60$
0.21g - 63$
0.26g - 78$
0.26g(B) - 78$
0.26g(C) - 78$
0.40g - 120$
0.41g - 123$
0.47g - 141$

Airmail ship (+/- 7 day) is 3$, 5$ if you prefer registered.
Have paypal too.

Buckleboo & Mars attacks!
Martin & Stefan
Received on Sun 19 Feb 2006 06:18:26 PM PST

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