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Paper: Allen County Democrat
City: Lima, Ohio
Date: Thursday, December 28, 1876
Page: 7 (of 8)

The Meteor.

     A brilliant meteor from the west rapidly coursed westwardly, apparently
directly over our city, at about 9 o'clock Thursday evening last. It was
followed by a low rumbling sound lasting three or four minutes, and shaking
buildings until doors and windows rattled. Many natives had retired,
consequently did not see the heavenly blaze, but heard the distant growling
and felt the shakes. Below we give a few wild conjectures, reported by some
of our citizens: Citizen Joe Morris had gone in to the "Republican Campaign
Club Room" to report one of his campaign speeches, and hearing the rumbling
noise, at once yellow, "the Democratic rifle clubs are rushing to
Washington." Bill Miller was in his office making returns on "Subpoenases"
and thought the Democrats had taken possession of the Court House basement
and were drilling soldiers in it. The boys in Weisenthal's restaurant
concluded that fare and his host had broke loose in the next building and
that a free "pitch in" was raging, while many sinners who happened to be on
the square prefixed an adjective and shouted "the world is coming to an
end." It was very interesting and panicky for a time.


The Great Meteor.


     Last night at just 9 o'clock, we had the grandest display of meteors
that ever has been witnessed in this part of the universe. Language cannot
really express the grand sublimity of the fireball, or meteoric display.
Apparently there were from seventy-five to one hundred meteoric balls of
liquid fire, passing from west to east, ranged as it were, in a long, solid
phalanx, each meteor seemingly trying to outstrip the other in velocity. It
was sometime this one ahead and then the next one, and so it was driving the
whole display which particular meteor arrived at its final destination
first, is the question that will have to be answered by astronomers. At all
events, it was really and truly a very grand aerial pyrotechnic display.
Many meteors exploded in the air. And just at that moment, or very near
that time, there was a distant and absolute shock of an earthquake, shaking
the earth visibly, and rattling dishes and furniture too, in some instances,
and alarming extent - I saw alarming, for some of our citizens were really
frightened. The people of Anna and vicinity seem destined to - what - who
is the Jonah? The writer of this dues not known unless it may be himself.
Everybody, and everything seem to be moving along smoothly to-day, however.



Clear Skies,
Mark Bostick
Wichita, Kansas


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