[meteorite-list] Rust on iron meteorites : new method ?

From: Marcin Cimala <marcin_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sat Feb 18 08:23:26 2006
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> Sorry, WATER on iron meteorites????????? I?m not sure one this........
> Ingo

why not ?
Water is only a thing beetween iron and acids/chlorides and other s***s in
meteorite. If You put gibeon into destiled water for a hour or day and later
to alcohol and let it dry some minutes nothing will happend.

Lets look at Campo.
You can't "killl it" becouse You put it to water for 20minutes.
But u can lost it if You put it for a half year in plastic bag with some
humidity in air.
Thats the problem :)

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