[meteorite-list] NWA 725 Winonaite vs Acapulcoite

From: stan . <laser_maniac_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Wed Feb 15 15:43:34 2006
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IMHO much more - if you bought nwa 725 as an acapulcoite you won the lottery
as there is much less winonaite avalible to the collecting public - than
there is acapulcoite - and this is doubly true for fresh winonaite material
like the 725 and paired 725 material. Whereas for the acapulcoites there is
plenty of nwa 125 and the 2656 / paired 2656 material floating around

FWIW there has been no official change int he classification, this has been
the result of some sluething between David and myself - mostly myself if
anyone wants to lay blaime for a change in status :)

>From: Mike Fowler <mqfowler_at_mac.com>
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>Subject: [meteorite-list] NWA 725 Winonaite vs Acapulcoite Date: Wed, 15
>Feb 2006 14:23:17 -0600
>Hi Stan & list,
>I was wondering if changing the classification of NWA 725 from Acapulcoite
>makes it worth more or less per gram?
>>NWA 725 is likely to actually be a winonaite. I had Open University do
>>O isotope on some paired material and it plots right on top of nwa 1463
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