[meteorite-list] Acapulcoites and NWA 725

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FLOSS C. et al. (2002) Acapulcoite complexities: Clues from
trace element distributions (MAPS 37-7, 2002, A047, excerpts):

1. Acapulcoites and lodranites are primitive achondrites from a common parent
   body that experienced variable degrees of partial melting and melt migration.

2. NWA 725 exhibits features suggesting it may be more primitive than
   other acapulcoites, including the presence of relict chondrules.

3. NWA 725 shows evidence of more extensive heating
   that may have included some silicate partial melting.

4. NWA 725 orthopyroxenes have Ti, Zr and REE abundances that
   fall within the ranges observed for lodranite orthopyroxenes.

5. NWA 725 does not appear to be depleted in plagioclase and troilite.

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