[meteorite-list] Adam's NWA 2989 Acapulcoite

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Date: Tue Feb 14 16:52:17 2006
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Hello All !

I've just purchased my 3.7-gram, extremely metal- and troilite-rich slice
of NWA 2989 (Item #6605571076 - just in case you care to take a look ;-)
that Adam is offering on EBay. Look at it and you'll know what I mean!

Adam writes:

"...TKW of 77 grams is recorded for NWA 2989. This weight does
 not reflect any pairings since I do not have accurate figures."

It is probably paired with NWA 2656, of which I own a beautiful slice
weighing 0.29 grams.

Adam also writes: "... the lowest price you will find on EBay."

And right he is! I paid $290 for my little, beautiful NWA 2656 (which I do not
regret!). Go figure and do the maths what I would have had to pay for more than
10 times the weight (3.7 grams) of my 0.29-gram ACAP.

The specimen that comes closest to the one I purchased seems to be the 2.55-gram
part slice - also very metal-rich and almost like my little NWA 2656 with all its
delicate veins and veinlets. It doesn't show those slender troilite inclusions but
this part slice would be my choice no. 2. I'd buy both of them if I could afford it!

What makes acapulcoites, and especially this one, so interesting is their achondritic,
granular texture and, at the same time, they have an ordinary chondrite mineralogy.
That's why you find both abundant metal (similar to H chondrites!) and sulfide in them.

Another interesting feature is the rare occurrence of relict chondrules, and, as they do
not plot too far away from both angrites, brachinites on the one hand, and from ureilites
on the other, you will also find grain boundaries meeting in triple junctions (120?).

Best Acapucoitic wishes,
and Good Night,

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