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Date: Sat Feb 11 18:41:36 2006
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I know an collector, who spend most probably a higher amount on the displays
than on his collection.
An NWA 869 enthusiast.
Made some illuminated display cabinets, with asteroid photos in the back,
decorated a real strewnfield with desert landscape, sand and unclassified
Crafted special stands ect.
Looks better than anything I saw in a public exhibition
and the expenses were well worth as they give the pieces the right glamour!

Not to forget, that to a good collection also some good books are
incumbement to a collector,
as with the knowledge about a specimen the value for oneself is growing.

So don't spend all you budget for stones only!

Same in amateur astronomy, the largest telescope is useless without a proper


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> I think it all comes down to a matter of personal preference.
> While I think all meteorites are beautiful, I have some meteorites that I
> think are more beautiful than others. Those that are extra special, are
> membrane boxes so I can better see the entire specimen. Some of these
> meteorites are VERY inexpensive and others not. The actual cost of the
> meteorite is not a consideration so much as the actual beauty of the
> specimen and the ability to see it.
> For what it is worth..... my $0.02
> Dave
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> >Huh, where is the problem?
> >Hartman is taking for 100 microboxes 1.3$ each.
> Meanwhile, I can buy gem jars for around 20 cents each. It's a matter of
> scale.
> I wouldn't worry about a $1 difference in price for something that cost
> $1000,
> or $100. But at $10, it starts to be a factor, and the difference between
> something that cost $1.30 and something that cost $0.20 and serves
> the
> same purpose IS going to make a difference in my opinion. I'm not judging
> the
> price that the reseller has to charge, I'm judging the price the
> manufacturer
> charges. With gem jars, you have something that costs a few cents to make
> and
> sells for around 20 cents. With membrane boxes, you have something that
> costs a
> few cents to make and sells for over a dollar. That's my point-- price
> gouging
> by a monopoly single source.
> >
> >Wouldn't you make photos of those persons you love, because the albums to
> >keep the photos are to expensive?
> Not a good analogy. A better one is, would I buy a frame for the picture
> from
> company X at one price, or buy a frame made from the virtually the same
> amount
> of virtually the same materials a different company for 5 or 6 times the
> price.
> You might do that. I wouldn't. (And I haven't made a film-based photo in
> over
> 3 years-- I've taken maybe 15,000 with my digital camera since then, and
> least 90 percent of them have never seen paper).
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