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Date: Fri Feb 10 13:14:12 2006
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Brahin is a ruster and is not even worth $1- per gram if you live in a humid

Re-read Steve's email. Fukang is owned by several people, not just one.
Main mass is at U of A. The rest is on the market by numerous individuals.
That is why Steve saw so much in Tucson. They are all trying to recoup
their investment.


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>Date: Fri, 10 Feb 2006 13:08:34 +0100
>Ho Steevey,
>it's very simple. Not the tkw makes the price, the availability does.
>Read your Kichinka! (Don't tell me, you haven't bought his book yet!)
>Why Esquel is still the king? Because of its beauty? Or its stability?
>No. Because it's mainly a single large mass and the owner was clever enough
>to sell it slowly.
>Is Brahin or Seymchan crap? No. It is as good or bad as many of the other
>pallasites in the 20-40$/g range
>and they are going only at half of the price of an horrible old Gold Basin,
>because the Russians are the collectors' best friends and the prices are
>only so low, because they pumped 4 times more specimens into "market" in
>only a few years as there are collectors. If they would have listed only
>twentieth part of the material they sold on ebay and on shows, they'd have
>had more lifetime and the same revenues,
>and Steve Chicago would have to pay for Brahin or Seymchan 15$/g or more.
>Fukang is one single large mass (I saw a pic, impressive!!) and if the
>won't be so altruistic like the Russians, Steve, than you never will get it
>at a Brahin or even at a Brenham price.
>Time to celebrate our heroes!
>A toast on Serge Afanasjev, a toast on Ivan Koutyriev, a toast on Andrei
>Andrejewitch Anderson Andreew!!
>And more respect from the collectors for them as they achieved to make
>available with their ebay orgies the fanciest stuff even to the collector
>with the lowest budget.
>They brought there down the price of
>- Richfield from 25-40$/g to 1$
>- Kainsaz from 45-150$/g to 2.5$
>- Dronino from 4$ to 0.1
>- Vengerovo would have been good for 20-25$/g --> 2.5$
>- Dho 007 from 25-40$ to 1.5$
>- Moon from 3500-5000$ to 500$ and three times they achieved the
>world record with 100$-150$ for 1g- slices
>- Brahin from 6-10$ (and before 20$) to 0.3$
>- Seymchan from unavailable to 0.3$
>- Chinga from 2.5$ to 0.3$
>- Dho-Mars, where you have to pay now 500$/g+, they got 100$
>- Tsarev from 2.5$ to 0.4$
>- Markovka from 3$ to 0.6$
>- Polujamki from 3$ to 0.4$
>- Classified Dho-OCs with all find data 100$/kg, hence lower than many
>unclassified NWA-orphans.
>- Ghubara from 1.5$ to 0.2$
>- Muonionalusta from 6$ (after the new finds, before - better not ask) to
>- Morasko from 2.5$ to 0.4$
>- Sikhote-Alin! Without their help you'd pay 5$ and more.
>- and currently they work hard to bring for you the unavailable Budulan MES
>under the level of an old Vaca Muerta!
>I can understand, that many US-dealers on this list recieve rare reviews
>are ehthusiastically praised,
>what I don't understand, is ,that I never heard a paean of praise here for
>the Russians, who should be the true heroes of each collector!
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> > Well after all the emails.After all the mention of looking for a piece
> > this meteorite,I came home with none.There were 4 meteorite dealers who
> > had it forsale.They were selling it for between $12 and $20 a gram.And
> > after hearing all the stories about it,there is ALOT of this stuff to go
> > around.Bud eisler,mike farmer,Ann black,all had some forsale.But like I
> > also heard,after a few months it will be lower than $10 a gram.The
> > will be flooded with this meteorite.But if you have not seen it,it is
> > beautiful.It has the largest olivine crystals I have even seen.Esquel is
> > still the king.Some fukang someday.But not today.I will just enjoy my
> > haag pieces.
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