[meteorite-list] 2003 UB313 Reignites a Planet-Sized Debate

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Date: Tue Feb 7 17:27:56 2006
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Sterling W. wrote:

<< At this point it is worth noting that the "major" minor planets
 (Ceres, Vesta, etc.) and the planet Uranus are naked eye
 objects. ..planet can be made of chopped liver...it can be a pancake ...>>

Hola Sterling, List,

All of this talk about planets is making me hungry. I am sure some rapidly
rotating stars out there would be tasty pancakes too, and next time Halley's
snow-cone comes by I think I'll have a scoop (please hold the aerogel). Now,
who has actually seen Ceres with their buff eye? Please tell me, names dates,
facts...especially if they are alive, I want to meet this Cererian eagle-eye,
and maybe see if a pinch of Kryptonite to taste in their diet ranks with

Now, wasn't Ceres actually a distinctly Sicilian AND Neopolitan flavor when
it was first named? So I guess any Piazzi planet couldn't be a real planet,
and only if it were made of green cheese, could it even be a moon? I'd settle
for a theoretically stringy basil mozzarella fabric with oregano, and munch at
it comfortably on Vesta, the national capital of the Asteroid confederation,
where lots more wanderers are certainly visible than from the supposedly named
third rock. Yes, the visible from Earth criterion is precisely as foolish as
a geocentric theory for the Universe, in my opinion...

Saludos, Doug
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