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From: Bob Evans <bobe5531_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon Feb 6 20:51:18 2006
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Hello List,

Back from 4 days at the show. It was a great time, beautiful weather and
plenty of dealers with plenty of meteorites to peruse. I can say that after
only a few years of collecting its not easy to find the next perfect
specimen for my collection. I like oriented stones so that makes it more
Mike and Erics room had the best stuff as usual , but that also came with
higher prices. If you had $10 K to spend that would be the best place to get
a phenomenal piece to add to your collection. I found some nice inexpensive
chondrites in ETs room. Thanks E. T. !
If you stop there be sure to try his meteorite chocolates. The best
chocolates I have tasted and he makes them himself.
I stayed with Bob Cucciara and Chi Town Steve. Thanks to both especially Bob
for the place to crash.
Steve ........... thanks for all the entertainment. I think you did more
purchasing, selling and trading than all of the meteorite dealers combined.
It was really tough finding killer deals. Even the Moroccans were somewhat
reluctant to give into haggling of prices.
But , it was alot of fun to search around for nice stones hidden in dealers
boxes who were basically separated from the main meteorite dealer locations.
I did find a few nice ones at dirt cheap prices.

The Michael Blood auction is always fun and seems to be growing every year.
I think there were over 200 people there and there were some deals to be
had. I did talk to a dealer from California the next day ( cant remember his
name ) . He suggested that there should be a separate person working at the
auction to accept payment for the auctions that you won at any time during
the auction. If you were done bidding you could check out at any time.
Apparently he was with some people who were done bidding at 8 pm , but had
to wait till midnight to pay for and receive the pieces that they won. Makes
sense to me. Please Take note Michael !! I know its one more person on the
payroll. But it would probably get everyone out of there earlier.

Well, after 2 days of looking for a new collection piece I finally found a
nice oriented Juancheng 940 grams in Blaine
Reeds room.
It pays to keep moving around and looking. Thanks Blaine, Sorry Mike, I know
you would have liked to get that one.
I did manage to get a endcut of Pierceville from Bob Haag which is a iron
from Kansas found in 1917.

Here is a photo of the oriented Juancheng :

Well as fun as it was its great to be home with my beautiful wife and kids.

See ya next Year !!


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