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Date: Mon Feb 6 18:11:59 2006
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Martin wrote:

"I tried that yahoo-photo thing and loaded up some photos of the ominous inclusion in NWA 4019."


"NWA 4019 in general is a truely uncommon eucrite."

The 23.5-gram slice with the triple feature is the one I purchased.

"much pure iron inside, sometimes in large needle-shaped inclusions in the matrix."

That's right!

"I could understand such an inclusion in a surface breccia... for me a riddle."

Well, Martin and List, according to Takeda et al., it could well be a "surface breccia"
as you call it. Takeda calls them surface eucrites or lava-like eucrites, but, alas, here
again, NWA 4019 doesn't quite fit. So, only microprobe work and thin section analysis
will tell us more about this unique eucrite.


TAKEDA H. (1997) Mineralogical records of early planetary processes on the howardite,
eucrite, diogenite parent body with reference to Vesta (Meteoritics 32-6, 1997, 841-853).

Good night,

Midnight here :-(


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