[meteorite-list] The incredible blob (Secret Ad)

From: Martin Altmann <altmann_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon Feb 6 17:49:12 2006
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I tried that yahoo-photo thing and loaded up some photos of the ominous
inclusion in NWA 4019.

(I hope it works).
NWA 4019 in general is a truely uncommon eucrite.
It comes in the familiar polymict Millbillillie guise, but has very
much pure iron inside, sometimes in large needle-shaped inclusions in the
Must be the most metal-rich HED found until now.

While cutting we found this incredible inclusion, iron mantleing some cores
of troilite.
Don't ask me, how that came into an eucrite like that.
I could understand such an inclusion in a surface breccia, like in a
howardite or in these howardite like eucrite breccias, but in such an
eucrite? For me a riddle.

I guess the remaining slice will be gone now (I'm still waiting on the
So Hanno Strufe will be the only person, who has some NWA 4019 left for
So hurry up, he has also some smaller cuts, before they are gone.
His email: H63Strufe_at_aol.com

It's absolute amazing material and we should stay tuned, what NWA 4019 will
give for results in future!


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> David wrote:
> "Well Bernd, I only know of the exotic inclusion you
> showed me. Go ahead and share this with everyone!"
> Well, I am talking about NWA 4019, a eucrite known to be as rich in
metallic iron
> (conspicuous iron needles in NWA 4019) as Binda and Camel Donga. The
latter was
> considered unique as it contains about 2% metallic iron.
> The special thing about my new slice is that it features a triple
FeNi-troilite aggregate
> measuring a full 10 mm in longest dimension with the FeS embedded within a
rim of metallic
> iron - something I have never seen so far nor heard of in a eucrite
> Best regards,
> Bernd
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