[meteorite-list] Off Topic: No Danish expeditions in NWA for a longtime

From: Sterling K. Webb <sterling_k_webb_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sun Feb 5 15:59:32 2006
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Hi, Lars,

    Heard you lost another embassy today.
Sorry. Seems the Arab multitude have found
someone else beside the US to hate. I would
like to say it may blow over, but we had this
embassy trouble in Iran 27 years ago, and it
hasn't blown over yet...
    Danes are fortunate that this is purely political
theater stage-managed by the Syrian government,
who organizes these things very well and sees to
it that no one gets hurt, the embassies are close
at the time, and so forth. They do an excellent
    And fortunate for the Syrians who badly
needed something to distract the UN (and the
world) from further investigating their murderous
ways in having managed to annex Lebanon
without having anybody notice that they did
the same thing there that Iraq did in Kuwait
and had, so far, gotten away with it.
    The real danger is not the these carefully
arranged mob attacks, but a truly spontaneous
mob somewhere in a Muslim country less
well-tyranized than Greater Syria. Someone
could get hurt. Of course, you can take comfort
in the fact that ALL the Muslim countries
seem to be thoroughly tyrannized...

Sterling K. Webb

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> Hi List
> This is highly off topic, but I just had to get the anger off my chest...
> As you may know Denmark is very unpopular at the moment in all the arab
> world, because a newspaper brought 12 cartoons of Muhamed.
> Today demonstants just burned down the Danish embasy in Damaskus in Syria.
> (the Sweedish and Chile embasy were in the same building and burned down
> too)
> I guess Danes are banned in the whole area for a long time...
> Sorry for the off topic nature of the mail, but it may affect us all....
> who knows
> Best
> Lars
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