[meteorite-list] Trojan Asteroid Patroclus: Comet in Disguise?

From: Sterling K. Webb <sterling_k_webb_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Feb 2 03:29:33 2006
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You're Hired!

As Head of Advertising
and Creative Visioneering
for TwoWorlds Resorts
(formerly Patroclus Properties, Ltd.,
but now a whole-owned susidiary
of Solar Disney, S.A.)

PowerPoint Presentation
for the Board of Directors
on Monday?


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> Hola Sterling!, List!
> Nice to see you back posting some whimsically plausible astronomy again,
> so
> as to prevent some of us (one of us?) from getting stir crazy. If I were
> a
> developer eyeing the Patroclus system, I would go all out for the awe
> inspiration
> and shameless marketing,,
> How about adding some "vision" to your plan? Instead of a mere ten degree
> single "moon" standard Missouri position, I propose we put the hotel
> instead at
> the metastable center of gravity of the two body system. Now you get to
> be in
> the middle of two irregular shaped planetoids, both tumbling around you
> FILLING 20 DEGREES OF ARC EACH, for double the pleasure. That would be
> forty full
> moons in apparent diameter a piece, under continuoius view.
> Promo: Your glass house awaits you! Be naughty and indulge your seetheart
> this Valentine's Day. Wedge yourselves in between two of the solar
> system's
> most beautiful heavenly bodies and experience celestial harmony like in no
> other
> place. Rich? Think the world revolves around you? Think again! Be the
> first on your block with bragging rights of a loving evening with two
> worlds
> revolving around you, in muted and flickering solar light. Your worlds
> even come
> in his and hers versions...
> FINE PRINT FOT THE CHESS CLUB: two for one geek-special during excessive
> black out dates where an eclipse can be a exciting as watching the Sun go
> behind
> floating mountains...free guided tour by Oriental Robotics programmed with
> sweet feminine voices to describe the simplicity of the Newtonian
> Compensating
> propulsion system...off the shelf piezo elements detect acceleration above
> the
> threshold setting and manipulate the reflective properties of the glass
> hotel
> hull utilizing the energy of the photons to maintain equilibrium. Extra
> charge
> to watch one of the Xenon ionic thrusters smoothly stabilize the hotels
> position for one of the rare ocassions when the major axis of one of the
> bodies
> aligns with the hotel's radial vector for a breathtaking view, and
> perturbs by
> resonance the hotel beyond the corrective capabilities of the reflective
> propulsion system...
> Saludos, Doug
> En un mensaje con fecha 02/02/2006 12:08:52 AM Mexico Standard Time,
> sterling_k_webb_at_sbcglobal.net escribe:
> << Unlike our puny Full Moon, which fills only
> 1/2 degree of the sky, the other binary would
> appear to loom in the sky spanning 10.67
> degrees! 21 times the diameter of a Full Moon!
> Here is obviously the place to build the
> Honeymoon Hotel of the Future. Come to
> Patroclus! (Can't we do something about
> that name?)
> >>
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