[meteorite-list] UA Scientist and Private Collector Form Center toSave Meteorites

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Date: Wed Feb 1 16:55:35 2006
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now we hope Killgore save the meteorite prices from
the ebay scam


--- Pete Pete <rsvp321_at_hotmail.com> ha scritto:

> Hi, all,
> Just below are some points in this article that are
> definitely contradictory
> to my personal perception as to the "dwindling
> supply" of meteorites.
> I appreciate the scientific importance of
> meteorites, and realize the rarity
> of some types of meteorites.
> Each stone in my own humble collection is a treasure
> to me.
> However, when considering the pictures posted over
> the past year on the List
> from the variety of meteorite sales conventions
> displaying literally "tons"
> of meteorites for sale, recent escalated space
> missions for recovered
> extraterrestrial materials both planned and
> completed, and the dramatic
> increase of recovered Antarctic meteorites -
> seemingly enough meteoritic
> material available there to justify leaving a
> robotic drone free to graze:
> is the future supply of meteorites really in such
> dire straits as indicated
> by this article?
> Is there data available to support the quote of:
> "Meteorites are rarer than
> diamonds, gold, rubies, and platinum." This one I
> find particularly
> intriguing.
> Where could I read more about this statement?
> Does anyone else think that this article is a bit
> alarmist?
> I would appreciate being enlightened in this
> respect!
> Love to learn, and would like to be corrected,
> Cheers,
> Pete
> >>The world's meteorites are vanishing.
> >>>>If something isn't done soon, most of Earth's
> rare space rocks could be
> gone in a lifetime
> also, from the provided link:
> http://www.lpl.arizona.edu/swmc/
> >>? We have established the Southwest Meteorite
> Center to preserve the
> >>dwindling supply of extraterrestrial materials
> and
> >>? Meteorites are rarer than diamonds, gold,
> rubies, and platinum

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