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From: Mark Miconi <mam602_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon Dec 26 09:54:56 2005
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Your lack of the proper use of the English language affirms what others are
saying here.
No one here cares about your lawyer, so entertain that.

As far as your contest....take it somewhere else, no on here needs your

As for your comments about Mr. Farmer, I would personally like to see you
call him a punk to his face. Now that would be TRULY entertaining. The truth
is you would never call him anything but Mister Farmer to his face, so do
not let your email program, the internet, and distance make you brave. It
will not impress anyone. As for Mr. Farmer and this list, he has been here
long enough to earn whatever reputation he has with each of us....,EXCUSE ME
but who are you again....I do not remember seeing you here.

Oh and the CEO thing isn't very impressive. Most CEO's I know could not find
their own ass, even though it is securely wrapped around their head.

Thanks for your input here. Perhaps you may want to try the
alt.stupid.treasurehunts message board, I hear they like CEO's there.

Mark M.
Phoenix AZ
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Subject: [meteorite-list] Slander

> Hello,
> To address some of the postings on the forum. King Arthur's Treasures Inc.
> is a leagl business out of Ohio that pays it's taxs. Feel free to contact
> the Ohio Attroney General to verify this if you like.
> On are web page people may leave thier name and email address to be
> informed of the upcoming treasure hunt and release of the book that goes
> with this hunt.
> If you notice we do not ask for money nor have I asked anyone for money.
> What is really upsetting is to slander to the company and me. I can live
> with the poor writing jokes but to say that I'm scammming or trying to
> cheat people out of money is slander and maybe I will entrain the idea of
> some lawsuits with an lawyer.
> When I asked about meteorites being appraised high and sold low I had to
> make sure that a person could take a $100,000 meteorite and get $100,000
> or more for it so they do not feel cheated or felt fraud was in play.
> All I was trying to do was put some money in people's pocket generate
> business for your indusrty but instead you want to post on a public forum
> some of the things you have said.
> Mr Farmer you made a private email public ok its just common knowledge
> your a "punk" buts its not common knowledge that I'm a thief lier etc.
> Also are company does have a bank account and money to match are offers
> this information would have been given out freely but instead after much
> reflection and these postings I will just keep my money and give it away
> to people that deserve it.
> Rick
> CEO King Arthurs treasures Inc.
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