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Paper: Syracuse Herald-Journal
City: Syracuse, New York
Date: Monday, November 14, 1966
Page: 17

Cause of crater probed

Meteorite reportedly crashes on farm

     An Air Force expert and members of the astronomy department of Syracuse
University are investigating a large hole in an alfalfa field near Venice in
Cayuga County reportedly caused by a small meteorite.
     Air Force Lt. Cecil Cole of Hancock Field at Syracuse headed the probe
of a four foot-deep, seven-foot-wide crater on the farm of Harold Maassen of
Poplar Ridge Road.
     Maassen told state police that he was awakened late Saturday night by
what "sounded like a dynamite explosion that shook the whole house." He
then went out to discover the hole where grain and grass had been burned for
a radius of about 20 feet.
     Leaving the site undisturbed Massen said he called the state police and
the troopers took photographs of the scene.
     State Police said they had received no other calls reporting meteors in
the area.
     However, a spokesman at the Hayden Planetarium in New York City said
that a spectacular meteor display is expected this week across the United
     The Leonid Meteors, of which the reported Maassen meteor might have
been one, streak across the sky every November. They could bee at their
brightest since 1833, the spokesman (said).


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