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From: David Freeman <dfreeman_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Oct 28 02:27:57 2004
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A pure delight to share with us thar' Capt'n Blood! Where be that Capt'n
Casper, the coin fiend from meteoriteville? He be wise to search the
shores too, Aaaaaaye!
Dave F.

mjwy has auctions running.

Michael L Blood wrote:

>Greetings List Friends,
> I recently had quite an adventure I would like to shareS(
> As you all know, Florida was hit by 3 storms in rapid succession
>recently and Greg Hupe, who just moved there reported on his metal
>detecting on the beach having researched the areas where coins have
>been recovered from the famous Spanish Fleet sinking off the coast
>in 1715.
> Eleven of twelve ships went down and to this day, following major
>storms, silver pieces of eight are sometimes found (reales, or "pieces
>of eight") . On very rare occasion, a gold doubloon has been recovered
>(a two escudo coin). You may recall, Greg reported to the list he had
>found one of each. When I got the news I contacted him and asked
>how he would feel about my friend and I joining him for a 4 day
>weekend. He was up for it and my friend, Cecil & I were off. (Cecil
>is my partner who clerks all the Tucson Auctions for me).
> I was able to schedule a flight leaving 5 hrs after my last class
>on Wed. and returning less than 2 hrs before my first class on the
>following Monday (2 days ago), meaning I missed no teaching timeS(..
> We flew all night with little sleep until the last 1.5 hr leg from
>Atlanta. Greg picked us up at the airport and we drove directly to the
>beach and searched until dark (about 5 hrs). The islands that line the
>coast had been torn apart, with pieces of roofs, etc, piled in huge stacks
>hither and thither. Fences, trees, homes, etc, ripped apart. Other places
>looked fineS(.. a strange landscape.
> The beach, itself, had been eroded 8 to 15 feet (which is the
>reason the coins could be found, as over the many years, those at or
>near the surface had previously been discovered). The beach took on
>a surreal appearance as a result. I spent many hours reflecting on what
>it was like for the Spanish survivors ? and immediately after, the
>members of the encampment that spent two years trying to recover
>what they could from the wrecks.
> The following 3 days, we searched from dawn to dusk, save one
>late afternoon when high tide drove us off the beach an hour early.
>We froze water bottles each night and packed them down to the beach
>with some beef jerky for sustenance and stayed throughout the entire
>day, as it is quite a hike to and from the car.
> It was intermittently horribly hot, then soaking rain, then gusty wind,
>etc. However, anything was better (to me, anyway) than constant heat.
>I got to the point I thought my arm would fall off ? both arms, as I had
>learned to swing my detector left handed after the first day to relieve
>my right arm. Fortunately, our unceasing work was rewarded with no
>less than two coins on any given day, and on one occasion, four.
> Greg & Cecil were as tired as I and we slept like stones each
>night. As I told Angel, I wouldn't work that hard for $50 an hour!
> Out of all this, came 9 pieces of eight ? 3 each. I have been metal
>detecting off and on for about 25 years ? and Cecil and I have gone to
>the desert periodically for many years to hunt areas we have researched
>for historical occupation ? until now, the oldest coin we had recovered
>was a 1918 penny. Now: we had 3 each of pre 1715 silver coins - thanks
>to Greg and his generous hospitality.
> By the last day, the beach had risen considerably and the
>likelihood of further finds had diminished greatly ? even if we HAD had
>the time, so, on that last day we left before sunset. (Believe me, if we had
>been finding gold coins, I would have phoned in sick!).
> Each day we were there the number of other detectorists diminished,
>from about 20 the first day to only 2 or 3 the last day. One of them told me
>he had been searching that beach since 1965 and has NEVER found a gold
>coin. Greg found one before I ever came out and he worked incessantly
>while Cecil and I had to take increasing breaks as the days wore us down.
>Greg's unfailing work, determination and persistence paid off big and he
>included me and Cecil in on the treasure hunt. We are greatly indebted
>to him for his super hospitality and generosity.
> Hope you enjoy the photos:
> Best wishes, Michael
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