[meteorite-list] Thanks, and Correo Questions

From: Robert Woolard <meteoritefinder_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon Oct 25 21:50:59 2004
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Hello List,

   A quick thanks to all members who sent me their
observations and comments in regard to my recent post
concerning my collection photos. I appreciate it guys!

   A couple of the photos were of a Correo specimen
and the in situ shot just as I found it. This was a
very exciting find for me. The 326g stone exhibits
nice regmaglypts and even has remnants of a
still-black-fusion-crust. It is oriented and displays
sharp flow lines and lipping. I know that The Cat. of
Meteorites is woefully outdated in regard to the TKW,
etc. It states that " About 35 fragments, totaling
approximately 700g were found..." I have had the honor
of speaking to the initial discoverer of the
strewnfield, Gordon Nelson. I have also had a few
discussions about Correo with our own Steve Schoner.
Finally, while hunting there in Correo, I met a very
nice and intelligent family, the Lawrences, who live
in the area and have found several Correos themselves.
All of these folks have been helpful in providing
interesting facts/info on Correo, but I would also
like to pose a few questions to the list in general,
especially since I know that several list members have
hunted there, and may have done some research of their
own. So, if any one (Bernd???) can help:

  1. What is the best, current ESTIMATED TKW for

  2. What is the weight of the largest known Correo
specimen? ( I think someone told me they thought there
was one of at least 2Kg ??? )

  3. What is the estimated terrestrial age for Correo?

  4. Do Correos show a propensity for orientation, or
are only a very few oriented?

  5. Who of our members have hunted at Correo?

  6. For those who have hunted there, what were the

  7. Who has Correo as part of their collection?
( Perhaps these last 2 questions might help at least a
little in estimating the more accurate TKW ???)


   Robert Woolard

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