[meteorite-list] Dhofar 018 howardite question

From: Martin Altmann <Altmann_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon Oct 25 21:07:19 2004
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Hi Bernd,

Madam Vesta seems not to be so differentiated, as supposed.
I remember thwo Bilangas DIO, who had each an iron flake,
in NWA1109 EUC-P there are some, as well as in the HaH 285 HOW.
By the way the latter both, I still have for sale.

HaH 285 between 50$ and 70$, depending on size, many 1mm thick cut slices
with enormous surfaces. F.e an 1 inch long slice which has 0.99g, another
3.1cm x 1.3cm = 1.24g.
Make me sick to see all other having fat chunks on their hps selling at 100$
and up,
while this Howie is a TRUE find with a REAL tkw of 1236 gram.

Another How I have, (not so boring "concrete style", where nobody knows,
it's an Euc or an How). It's looking dramatically wild, black, brown, white
Euc-clasts. Fresh W1-2.
Mike had a similar one, sold at 100 bucks, the Labennes have another at
Again 1mm this slices - squareinchsurfaces at 2grams.
And again now tkw-rip-off, as it's Dhofar 485 with complete find data.
I'm selling at 44$-65$.
Howdie! Check the dealers list. Show me a similar offer.

By the way my NWA1109 and again in thin slices I'm selling at 15-20$/gm.
Take a look on the dealers_list! (I know some other sites more, but for

Mike 100$
Twelker 30$
Labenne 40$
Marmet 36.7$
Paul&Jim 50$


Same with Zaklodzie Ungr, primitive enstatite achondrite. Myhy pricy is
fihihihiiiifty per gram. Polished. Small slices.

Fectay/Bidaut 200$
Erich 69-100$
Elliott 200$
Jensen 90$
Eduardo 100$
Mike 200$
and the winner is: Vssiliev with a 500$ piece at 35$/g
Brey 190$
Marcin 70-80$


Btw what happend to Gwilliam's hp?
Jason Philips seems to work on his new site tooo
Killgores' place isn't working neither....buy their photographical
catalogue, best picure book at the moment.

Huh and my CK !!!!!

Starting at unbelievable 8.75$ up to 20$ for thin sliclets.
Some days ago I compilatet ALL CK-prices from WWW. Checked ofer 160 sites.
Not a even similar low price to find. Most between 60 and 100$/g.
If somone is intereted in, I forward the prices of list as well as a list of
all known CKs.

Can me tell somone from the list, what I'm doing wrong or is here somone who
ever was not satisfied with the pieces I sent?
I sold to more than 400 collectors, only one time I got a slice back (from a
set, which I sent to select from).
Here in Germany it's dark country, as I told before. People think all
meteorites have to cost 1/g, if something is labelled with "rare" 4/gm.

And again, dear US-collectors, it's no big thing to order from Europe
(whenever I list something in US-ebay 93% of the bidders are from Europe).
Shipment costs are affordable, in most cases 3$. You'll get your specimen
within 7-10 days. I'll take it back, if you're not totally satisfied and pay
the shipping back.
Payment is easy, Paypal, check whatever. In most cases, if the seller is not
named B.E., I'll ship the pieces in advance without payment.
I won't run with your 50 bucks to Acapulco, I have to loose my good

Gosh, I'm depressed today.

No skol anymore.

PS: shall I demonstrate some prices of my other locations for sale?
PPS: Do the people think, that my stuff is without any value, because I'm
offering it cheaper than others?
PPPS: Shall I emigrate with Ralew&Marcin to USA, sharing with that
enthusiast his caravan with washer, travelling around, selling the stuff at
PPPPS: I hate Campo, I hate Nantan, I hate unclassified W3-NWA-OCs, I just
don't want to sell that stuff!!

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> Hello Listees and Listoids,
> When I was closely inspecting my interesting, little 2.02-gram
> Dhofar 018 slice from Serge, I found a conspicuous triangular
> shiny metal inclusion measuring 2.5 x 2.0 x 1.5 mm. I know that
> (traces of) metal has been found in a few howardites (basaltic
> eucrite clasts in DaG 669 have abundant FeNi metal) but I have
> never heard of or seen such a compact and solid FeNi clast in a
> howardite. Does anyone have a specimen of Dhofar 018 or any other
> howardite with such a large metallic inclusion? I also detected
> a troilite patch but when there is metal, then troilite is never
> too far away (the opaque minerals in the Chaves howardite, for
> example, contain abundant troilite).
> Nickel-ironly and
> troilitically yours,
> Bernd
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