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Date: Mon Oct 25 16:33:38 2004
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Ola List,
While Senhor Steve is busy spending his disposible income in Mexico this week, and being missed by the fan club, which will leave him much more enthusiastic about trading or otherwise purging his collection of yesterday's treasures when he gets back, I had a question not to beat the old horse Campos Sales...

A while back some excellent directions to Campos Sales were posted on the list for all who were desperately trying to find some material from this locality. I followed those directions and ended up in a brachish field:

Campos Sales L5
7?2'S, 40?10'W, 31 January 1991, 22:00 Local Time, A meteorite shower fell in a rural area ~18 km E of the village Campos Sales found in grainfields around two weeks later.

Question: I was wondering how specimens from this fall compare to the Kendrapara H4-5 (formerly "Orissa") from Kendrapara locality in Orissa, India which fell on 27 Sept. 2003. "Rusting is conspicuous on the broken surface and may be attributed to the wet environment of fall.", according to the Meterotial Society Buletin for the Indian fall.

As both are Ordinary Chrondrites, and the Kendrapara, Orissa, India (H4-5) would seem to be similar in that it is a coastal tropical location, and known for salt water intrusion, just like the Campos Sales region. Both are near mangrove habitats. Further, the rainy season starts to peak during the quoted recovery time in Campos Sales, and to boot, Campos Sales sounds like it means "Salt Fields" in Portuguese.

How stable is most material from Campos Sales, given that after only 2 weeks at most for recovery, shouldn't all exhibit "jet" black fusion crusts after such a short time?

Saudades do M?xico, Doug

Bernd 2004-24-10 escribe:
Thomas wrote:

> Campos Sales, not Campo Sales

Anyway, it's all about s e l l i n g Campos - *sales* that is ;-)

Best wishes,
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