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From: Martin Altmann <Altmann_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Thu Oct 21 14:26:32 2004
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Hello list,

After many hours of trying to customize a plan, how to get to the meeting at
Friday, I decided, that I'm definetely to stupid for this world. Can't print
out the maps, as I own only an old black&white printer and the results are
Now I customized 2 plans as pdf-files. If someone could put them online,
perhaps converted to jpegs?
Otherwise I'll email the plans to those, who will join on Friday, if someone
else has a need for it, gimme a note.

Anyway, we will meet at the show....

So on Friday we meet after the show in the "Fliegerbr?u".
A minute brewery with Bavarian and other food and no umpah music.
It's in the nearby village Feldkirchen. (Were also some of you have their
The address is:

Flieger Br?u
Sonnenstrasse 2
85622 Feldkirchen

Marked with the red "1" in the plans.

I reserved places from 19:00hrs on (show ends always at 18:00 for visitors)
and I will be there somewhat earlier.

Until now there are on my list:
Afanasjev & friends, Altmann, Andrei, Anger, Black, Classen, Farmer, Franco,
Gren, Jost+friend, Koeblitz, Marmet, Moser, Rems, Stehlik, Strufe.
The Polish fraction (Cimala, Derecki, Pilski, Mazurek) will join, depending
on when they'll arrive in Munich).
Vassiliev doesn't know yet.
Ralew is now somewhere to bring new meteorites for us, but I'm sure, he will
And now I'll ask several others...

So it will be nice.

How to get there:

By car:

I marked the route in plan1 but it dissapears, whenever I try to save

There are two possibilities to exit the parking places.

Here a map of the fair areal. Click on the right plan on bottom.

If you leave to the North:

Just turn to your right and follow the street. (Paul-Henri-Spaak-Str.)
After ca. 1km you will cross the large highway and after 300m more you will
enter the village
"Feldkirchen" (yellow traffic sign).
Carry on. After 1km, on the left there branches off the "Sonnenstrasse".
Directly there
we are.
It's directly behind a yellow hotel, called "Zur Sonne".

If you leave the parking places to the South:

Just turn to the left, follow the street (De-Gaspari-Bogen), which makes a
bow. Turn into first possible road to the right, then like above.

By bus:

At the fair exit "Messestadt Ost", at the subway station, there is the bus
Take Bus N? 228 direction "Ismaning".
Exit the bus at the third station: Feldkirchen M?nchner Stra?e. (takes 5

Cross the street, follow the street, it's the main street of the village.
The fifth street, to the left, called "Sonnenstrasse" - shortly after you'll
have passed a yellow Hotel called "Zur Sonne" - there you enter the street
and there we are in the grey brick building.
It's about 500m to walk.

You may exit also the bus one station later, "Feldkirchen" (6min) - train
symbol in plan2 - and follow the instruction "by S-Bahn" (suburban railway).

As ticket you have to choose from the vending machine: "Kurzstrecke".
Costs 1.10 Euro.
If you have a "Streifenkarte" see below, use one stripe.

The bus leaves every 20 minutes from xx:17 hrs (18:17, 18:37,...)
Last bus leaves at 19:37 hrs.

With S-Bahn (suburban railway)

For those, who want to get back first in their hotels in the city center to
rest a while after the show, the place is easy reachable by S-Bahn.
Follow the green signs with "S".
Choose line number "S6" direction "Erding".
Exit at station "Feldkirchen".
Marked with the railway symbol in plan2.
Just follow the street "Sonnenstrasse" until its end. Left is Fliegerbr?u,
slightly less than 500m to walk.
Number "S6" is leaving every 20 minutes.
>From Munich Central Station for example it takes 20 minutes to
"Feldkirchen", faster than by car.
Last train from Feldkirchen (direction "Tutzing") leaves at 0:09 hrs
(another one at 2:09, but the restaurant will close at 1:00).

As ticket from all stations in the city choose "Einzelfahrkarte" - 2.10 Euro
or use 2 stripes of the "Streifenkarte".

By Taxi:

At all exists of the fair, you'll find taxis. This short track won't be that
expensive, especially not if you'll share it with other meteorite fellows.
As destination tell "Fliegerbr?u" (pronounce "fleagerbroy").

Important for those, who come by plane:

Munich airport is situated about 25km away from the city center.
There exist only two connecting roads, a states road and the highway.
Unfortunately the highway is now under construction to be enlarged for the
football chamionship in 2006.
So on both ways it can happen, that you will stuck in the traffic jam. With
bad luck it can happen that it will take more than 2 hours.

I recommend to go by S-Bahn. Leaves every ten minutes. Takes a little less
than 40 minutes to city center. Buy a "Streifenkarte" and cancel 8 stripes.
(Card has 10 stripes, costs 9.50Euro, the 2 stripes left, you may use to go
to the show).
Cab driver ask 40Euro, thus it's cheaper too (and from the 32.4 saved bucks,
you can have a lot of beer or a meteorite from Meteorite-Martin?).

Public transportation:
In general it's the fastest method to moove through town.
The same ticket is good for subway, suburbian, bus, tramway.
You have to cancel your ticket only once and you may change without
cancelling another one.
You may have even a break of maximum 3 hours and it will be still valuable.
Your allowed to go only in one direction (or you may drive in circles,
hehe), back you need another one.
Tarif & price system can't be understood by educated humans.
Cheapest way is to take a multiple ticket. The BLUE "streifenkarte" (stripe
For one tour in the city - fold back 2 stripes.
One card has 10 stripes and costs 9.50Euro. Vending machines at each
stations. Press the blue botton. - If you prefer a single ticket, choose
"Einzelfahrkarte" - costs 2.10Euro.

The fair is easy accessible by U-Bahn (blue signs - da tube, subway,
Line N? U2 - until terminal station: Messestadt Ost .

If you have any question - just mail me.

Now some online maps, where you can look by your own.

The Fair is at " Willi-Brandt-Allee" in Munich.
The Fliegerbr?u is at "Sonnenstrasse 2", Feldkirchen, ZIP 85622




City Map of Munich:

Information about the show:

See you there next week!

Bin zu m?d zum ins dt. zu ?bersetzen, falls was unklar, einfach mailen.
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