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From: John Sinclair <johnsinclairjr_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Mon Oct 18 15:46:11 2004
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Hello Again,

Yes! I have the wrong coordinates
Bernd, You have the right ones.
>29? 59 ' N / 005? 14' W

Talbachat n'ait Isfoul
is listed in bulletin 85
It is on Table 2. Page 14 in the PDF file.

You have to read it side ways and I listed the coordinates for the next
entry on the page by mistake!!.... A weathered fresh fall from Italy.

Thanks for the correction.

Best, John

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John wrote:

> See this meteorite thin section with
> many well defined chondrules at:

> http://www.meteoriteusa.com/talbachat.htm

Yes, that's what my thin section from Cap'n Blood looks like.

> Talbachat n'ait Isfoul
> Found April 1999
> Morocco
> LL 3.7

Hmm, this would be a place close to Venice:

> 45? 30' 30" N
> 12? 18' 30" E

Here are the coordinates I have for Tag 019:

29? 59 ' N / 005? 14' W

This would be a place SE of Zagora. Another weird thing I just
discovered: I do have Talbachat n'ait Isfoul in my databases,
and my entry is as follows: "Meteoritical Bulletin, No. 85, 2001,
September". But: ... I can't find it in this Met.Bull. ?!?!

Frank wrote:

> Wish I knew what the English translation is ;-)

Maybe something like "Ain't it cute to fool meteorite collectors?! :-))

Best regards,


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