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Date: Sun Oct 17 21:34:04 2004
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Nick posted:

> Yes, it seems early to ask, but can someone tell me the prime dates
>for meteoritical events?
> I've heard it's February 4 - 5 (Friday - Saturday) .

Dear Nick and List:

Here's are the details that we have so far. Looking forward to seeing
you and the rest of the gang here, in a little over three months.

Geoff N.
Tucson, AZ


FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 2005 [Evening]
All are invited to attend the Sixth Annual Meteor Mayhem Birthday
Bash & Harvey Awards at 8 pm. Location of the event is TBA. After
three years at the La Fuente restaurant, we are considering a change
of venue for the following reasons: we've outgrown the big room at La
Fuente; the nearby Vagabond Inn (formerly the Ramada University and
home to Blaine Reed Meteorites) is no longer a show venue; and also
because we'd just like to find somewhere a little more interesting
and unusual. Details to follow.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 2005 [Afternoon]
Allan Lang will host an auction of exceptional meteorites from the
R.A. Langheinrich Meteorite Collection at the elegant Westward Look
Resort on Ina Road, Saturday afternoon at 2:30 pm. An online catalog
of specimens will be posted at www.nyrockman.com closer to the event.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 5, 2005 [Evening]
Michael Blood's ever-popular People's Meteorite Auction will take
place at the VFW Hall, Post 4903, 1150 N. Beverly Avenue on the
Saturday evening. This is the same location as the 2004 auction. The
new hall was a big hit with everyone due to its spacious event room
and full cash bar. An online catalog of specimens will be posted at
www.michaelbloodmeteorites.com closer to the event.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 2005 [Morning]
Darryl Pitt's Macovich Collection meteorite auction will return to
the sunny InnSuites lawn after a one year hiatus, on the Sunday
morning. An online catalog of specimens will be posted at
www.macovich.com closer to the event.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 6, 2005 [Afternoon]
Allan Lang and colleagues present a very special free event: You are
invited to meet Apollo astronaut, moon walker, and celebrated
geologist Dr. Harrison "Jack" Schmitt when he appears in person at
the Westward Look Resort on the Sunday afternoon.

Details: http://www.nyrockman.com/tucson-2005.htm
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