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From: Manfred Dannapfel <MDannapfel_at_meteoritecentral.com>
Date: Sat Oct 16 13:35:59 2004
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My nearest one is the meteorite "Aschaffenburg", a nice regmaglypted pallasite of about 5 kg total weight, which invaded directly through my opened french window.... oops, that's only a dream until now, naturally. But I hope, the dream will come true one day.

In real live the nearest one is the "Darmstadt" (H5), Fall 1804, 100 gr., about 45 km away from my home in Aschaffenburg, Germany. (Guten Abend, Bernd, wir haben den gleichen Fall in der Nachbarschaft!)

Another Fall in the "neighbourhood" is the "Hungen"-meteorite, 1877, May 17, 07:00 hrs, (H6), 112 gr. about 55 km from Aschaffenburg.

Near to my birthtown Oldenburg in northern germany we have (according to "Catalogue of Meteorites", fith ed.):

Benthullen: Find 1951, (L), brecciated, 17 kg

Oldenburg (1368): Fall 1368, doubtful, Iron?

Oldenburg (1930): Fall 1930, September 10, 14:15 hrs, (L6), 16,57 kg

Bremerv?rde: Fall 1855, May 13, 17:00 hrs, (H3.7), 7.25 kg

Emsland: Find 1940, Iron (ungr) medium oktahedrite, 19 kg

By the way, if anyone has a specimen of these german meteorites for sale, please contact me.

Best regards

Manfred Dannapfel
Received on Sat 16 Oct 2004 01:30:00 PM PDT

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